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Saturday Smiles ~ Quotes

In my last post, I shared a quote, I realised today this Saturday, that some quotes make me happy, some even make me laugh. Some are just true. Everyone has their own ideas of what is true and not true, apart from the obvious. I don’t have a collection of quotes, well maybe on pinterest and iheartit I may. I decided to grab like 3 to share on this Saturday Smiles, they do make me smile, hope they make you smile as well.

This one cracked me up, well put I think. An EX is an EX for a reason, there it is!! LOL.

This goes along with the one from yesterday, sure it’s not exactly funny, but it does make chuckle, knowing that I have to wait. And I have no choice, but when the good comes. I’m happy I waited, and the good has come, and I am happy. Happier than I ever have been.

This one has a cool quote, I like it, and I agree with it, but what made me smile is how cool the orange looks!
pick yourself up

There you go. Enjoy

Saturday Smiles ~ Everything Happens For a Reason?

Growing up, my mom always told us that, everything happens for a reason. But does it really? Do you question it? I have to be honest, I have questioned it, and probably will again. But for some reason, it keeps coming back, kind of nagging at me, saying, ‘everything happens for a reason’.

I had a recent stay in the hospital, not very pleasant, actually walked myself into ER. Yeah pretty bad. I’m still recuperating. Honestly I don’t even feel like writing this, but wanted to at least put up my Saturday Smiles. Given the fact I had been released from the hospital yesterday. What do I have to be smiling about. Well for one, i am getting better. I hope I never go back to the first day it started, not a pleasant experience.

So I usually let a photo inspire my Saturday Smiles, today it was this.


Did I not say this comes up at me somewhere?? Lol, so that is what I choose to be my Saturday Smiles. Everything does happen for a reason, what that reason is, we won’t know until he wants us to know. That is my philosophy, I think I will always believe that, even if there are times I question things.

So does it make me smile, yes in a way it does, because I know there is a good reason for anything that particularly happens to me. Like being in the hospital. I know there is a reason, I don’t know what it is, but I am happy to be here another day to find out.

That’s it. I’m going to rest.