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Saturday Smiles – Nail Polish

I figured I would give the title more than just “Saturday Smile” So what is Saturday Smile, well anything that makes me smile basically. I thought it would be fun to do. Today I choose something I love, nail polish. Oh yes, I am a nail polish lover, my love for polish, well it’s all over my wall. Check it out!

First a couple pictures of my current nail polish I am wearing, I have to say it’s gorgeous, and holographic red, it’s by China Glaze, named Ruby Pumps, this polish makes me smile big time

It looks a lot prettier in person than in the photo, sorry to say. I wish I could have taken a better photo of it, but this is the best I did. So that is something that makes me happy. And a quick video of my nail polish collection. There are some polishes I have not used, so I may give them away, I have a few bottles of Gel Polish not in the video, and a few other polishes on my desk I was going to swatch that are no in the photo either.

Ok there we go, nothing fancy, no names of brands or names of polishes, it would seriously take to long, just a quick look. I know I could have gone a little slower but thought this would be sufficient to get an idea of what makes me smile. Thanks so much for popping on by.

xoxo Emily

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