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Saturday Smiles – Quotes

In my last post, I shared a quote, I realized today, Saturday, that some quotes make me happy, some even make me laugh. Some are just true. Everyone has their own ideas of what is true and not true, apart from the obvious. I don’t have a collection of quotes, well maybe on Pinterest and iheartit I may. I decided to grab like 3 to share on this Saturday Smiles, they do make me smile, hope they make you smile as well.


This one cracked me up, well put I think. An EX is an EX for a reason, there it is!! LOL.

This goes along with the one from yesterday, sure it’s not exactly funny, but it does make chuckle, knowing that I have to wait. And I have no choice, but when the good comes. I’m happy I waited, and the good has come, and I am happy. Happier than I ever have been.

pick yourself up

This one has a cool quote, I like it, and I agree with it, but what made me smile is how cool the orange looks! There you go. Enjoy

xoxo Emily

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