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Saturday Smiles – Friendships

I knew what I wanted to write about, but I didn’t know what image to use, so I googled friendships in the images category, looking for something. I saw this photo.


It instantly made me smile. Didn’t it make you smile too? Or am I just the mushy kind of person? Perhaps I am. I’m an animal person, not all animals, but definitely kittens and dogs, they are just too cute, adorable and loving. I just love watching a cat and dog get along, it’s a really interesting interaction to watch. We know the dog can kill the kitten but doesn’t, and just plays with it ever so gently. I think it’s awesome. I don’t have pets, I may have mentioned it or not. I mean I do have a pet, but not a dog or cat. We only have a fish, his name is Dexter. Let me show you him.

Dexter My Double Tail Betta

He is an awesome fish, he’s Double Tail Betta. Gorgeous colors, which reminds me. I need to clean his tank. I did name him after the TV Show Dexter hehe. I just loved that show. It’s close to ending, like one more episode left *sniff* I really enjoyed it, but have a new favorite now. The Walking Dead, such an awesome show. I have always been, even before that show came out, a big fan of Zombies! *makes scary zombie noise* Just thought I would share that tidbit.

I did get off course here though. So the whole friendship thing, I believe we can have real true friendships, but they are really hard to find. REAL, TRUE ones. There is so much drama, and backstabbing, that I have stayed clear of making friends period! I know it’s bad, even online, I pretty much keep to myself. But I have opened myself up to a few people, a few have hurt me (a point made), but I have found one or two, that have turned out to be really super awesome people, Tasha for instance, shes my little European buddy. She is awesome. I’ve chatted a bit with Lisa, but haven’t heard back from her. I hope she is okay, as she was feeling ill the last time we spoke. And then a new friend I made yesterday, his name is Jose. He is pretty cool. It’s interesting how we had a few things in common and we both seem to share a lot, or maybe we are just bored and wanted to talk? Perhaps, it’s a new friendship, we’ll see how it goes.

But friendships I take serious, I put my heart into it. I may put my foot in my mouth now and then, but more than likely I’ll have good intentions. Sometimes they are understanding, and other times not so understanding. I was hurt really really bad by this one lady, I guess I opened myself up too much, too quickly to her, thinking we could be close friends. After that. I keep my distance, I really don’t want to be hurt again. I’m so glad I have William, he is always there for me, to love me, and hold me and make me feel better. What a blessing he has been in my life. More than just a friend.

Anyway. I made this long enough. Have a great week. I did post this for Saturday, sorry I know I am cheating, but just had to.

xoxo Emily

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