Happy New Year 2014
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2014, WOOHOO Happy New Year!!

Can you believe it!!??? It’s 2014, wow how time just flies so quickly, what is going on? Life is going on that’s what hehe I wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year, full of healthy living, happiness beyond belief, success throughout the years and beyond, lots of new friendships and love.

Happy New Year 2014

So now comes the question!! What is my New Years Resolution (s)?

Well, I am going to try a few.

1. Lose Weight

2. Better Organize my hobby room

3. Post at least one item a week on ebay (need to get rid of things, as they say, out with the old, in with the new)

4. More active on my blogs and YouTube channels

5. Use my card making supplies and nail supplies

I may or may not add to this, as it will just add pressure. But I am going to really concentrate on the first 2 because they are important. I am very dissatisfied with my weight and it is time to do something about it. BELIEVE ME, when I say, it’s NEVER too late. I know that with beginning a diet, you have to change what you eat, and in order to do that, you have to have the right things to eat. I am almost 90% cutting down on my bread intake, if I do have some it needs to be whole grain, change from Potatoes to Squashes, Tuna Fish is healthy. I read an article, and I want to put these things to use.

I will write about that in my next blog post, as this is really about wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and what my resolutions are about. This is the blog I will probably share the most on, I do have my main blog, that I will cross-post to. I like to share a lot with my readers. This blog is more for me than anyone else.

If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it so much. Any negative comments or whatever will NOT be tolerated and won’t be allowed, if anything I need positivity around me, and support.

xoxo Emily

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