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Going on Record! Weigh-in #1

I have already been weighing myself every week. And I think I’ll start posting how much I lose or didn’t lose for the past week. So every weigh-in is not for this past week, but I would think the week before. I’m not sure how that works, I think it’s a good idea to probably look it up

When I first started dieting, it was in January, not the 1st, I was writing my meals in an app in my iPod to keep as much track as I could. These are some of the entries.

Sunday, January 5, 2014
It’s a new year and I plan to start a diet, although this sounds dumb I had to put it off for about 2 weeks to finish up some fatty foods left over, is this dumb?

I’m doing it like that, I’m really serious about this. I need all the help and support. Lord help me through this, I want to make it a life commitment, what time I have left.

I’m turning 50 next year and I’ve waited long enough, plus I’m engaged now and I’d like to be slender for my wedding.

I’m waiting on a brand new scale, A few months ago I was in the hospital, I got weighed, I was 332 I’m probably more now. I will check back when I begin the diet.

At this point I had already wanted to start a diet, but I know as stupid excuse as it sounded like, I wanted to finish up fatty foods. I HATE being wasteful with food. Is that bad? Anyway, so I wrote in my little iPod journal again.

Thursday, January 7, 2014
I got my scale today, I knew I had to have gained weight since being weighed at the hospital.

When weighed I was 332, and now I’m 346.6 that’s like 10 lbs in a matter of 3 months!

I can’t go out walking, the weather is terrible, snowed a bit last night. I am not trying to make excuses but with my bad knee I don’t want to slip and make mypre-existing injury worse, plus I have a cold. It’s very cold out, I’ll get worse. I look forward to the spring and moving, I hope to be able to get a dog, I can walk with. It’s a start, I want a treadmill. I really want to lose weight!

So obviously it’s winter and not a great time for me to do any walking. We have stairs, but at the time it was just too much to go up and down them, so that was out of the question. Plus the weight gain added to the pain in my knee. My next entry said.

Saturday, January 11, 2014
I’m pretty disappointed in myself, why? Well, I already got the scale, and weighed myself. So let’s assume the diet started soon after.

Today William made some baked potatoes, he chopped them up, added spices and mushrooms, I ate a good portion and I know better. I should have had just a baked potato, what he made was on the greasy side, it looked fattening.

Not but an hour earlier did I texted with my sister talking about no greasy foods, smaller portions and what do I do? Eat like I’ve eaten before, sure I had some broccoli, I didn’t enjoy that as much as it was a bit undercooked, but edible.

So how the hell am I suppose to lose weight if I can’t use some self control, it’s NOT Williams fault, it’s mine, plus for dessert we had carrot cake, wtf? Do you see what I mean?

I’m ashamed, I’m so weak!!!

So it looks like I was having a hard time starting, William is the cook of the house, and he really does make some amazing things, but he uses oil too much. Things are so different now, we both eat healthier. He’s a slender man and I don’t want him losing weight. He does eat more than me now.

I have more entries and each time I weigh in or post I will add more. Now I am doing this because I want this to be on the record here on my blog, so I can go back to it and see how I have progressed. So if it bores you, well what can I say? But move on

So my weigh-in today, I only lost a pound. I have been averaging anywhere from 1-3 pounds a week, which is really great because when I started I was keeping really good track of my food and all, and I have not gained weight. As of today, I have lost 33.5 pounds. I am really so proud of myself, you don’t even know. It’s probably one of my biggest accomplishments to date, and that is not exaggerating, that is on a personal level. I think that is it for now. If I don’t post during the week, you can be sure I will be here after my next weigh-in which is always on a Saturday or Sunday.

Lastly, I want to wish everyone a fabulous Easter, we are going to Williams mothers, and she makes a lot of fatty foods too, but they are fit people, lucky them hehe. So I thought about taking my scale, but then I thought, she (Williams mother) always offers us some food to take, so I thought I would wait and weigh some of the food when I get home. I can pretty much eyeball how much food I should normally eat. Wish me luck, it’s my first time not weighing my food before I eat. Have a good one!

xoxo Emily

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