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Weigh-in #8 – Still going strong!

I decided to begin post dating my blog posts, because sometimes I don’t have time to post an entry, although I should have made a habit of doing it, right after I weigh in, in the past it has shown it doesn’t work that way, so I may postdate some of my posts like this one is from last week, week ending June 7, 2014.

Last week was also a success, I’m happy to report. I lost 4.3 lbs, which made me happy and put me right at 300.7 lbs. I think I am doing good, but as most people would say, they wish it would happy faster. I just have to be patient, and it will happen. I have not started my walking regime, the weather has been wonky, yeah again it sounds like an excuse but it’s really a reason for me. Especially because of my knee problems.

Last weekend we had Daisy, my siamese kitten/cat in the room, as we usually do at night. And she has a habit of knocking things off the dresser or nightstands, I don’t know why she does that, some kind of attention-getter, but I always feel she wants out of the room. Even though when we open the door, she stays in, so I have to toss a toy out for her to chase, otherwise, she’ll hide under the bed. I don’t know why she knocks things off for sure but that is my best guesstimate I think that is it for now. Till next time.

xoxo Emily

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