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Weigh-in #21 – Success again!

I am so so happy. When I got up today, grabbed the scale and made my way to the bathroom to weigh in, I was doing a silent prayer. I weighed myself and my heart sank. I thought I had gained a lot. I walk into the room, my hunny is sitting on the bed waiting, and he asks

How did it go?

I said:

I $#%#$% gained weight!

He is shocked, and says:

But how could you, that is impossible!

He asked me to show him so I did, and the image below is what I showed him.

Weigh-in#  21

So for some reason I jumped ahead and thought I was already in the 270s which I wasn’t I thought I had gained 5lbs but instead I LOST 5.4 lbs, WOOOHOOO I think that may very well have put me back on track to make my 100 lbs mark by January 2015, oh my gosh I am so so so sooooo happy you have no idea. I still believe I need to do meal to meal, instead of eating and just staying under my weekly calorie count, because I don’t think that works, and also, it’s important for ME to eat light for dinner, and not heavy. Especially since we eat late anyway. I know we shouldn’t but it just works out that way. And YOU ARE RIGHT that is probably why I gained before.

I am going to try hard to keep on this track, losing 5.4 lbs in one week is a lot, especially since I am not doing much exercise! Thanks for the support, and a big hug and thank you to my wonderful fiancé William for being my biggest supporter!