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Weigh-in #23 – Doing good!

Yesterday, we went to Williams family house in Boston for a triple birthday party, so this was a test at not eating too much, and being picky at what I was going to have. Since they ordered pizza and a cold cuts tray to make sandwiches, I had to estimate. I did not add mayonnaise as it was too high in calories, but I did add mustard which was zero. About 2 slices of two different types of sandwich meats, and a slice of cheese (Swiss), and finally 2-4 tablespoons of coleslaw. I had a cup of coffee black with some sweet n’ low, and later a decaf Diet Coke.

I think I did okay, breakfast as at Dunkin Donuts, so I know how much calories I had, as it is not the first time I’ve had their awesome turkey bacon breakfast croissants, so good!!! 390 calories though, and an iced coffee, slim milk, and sweet n’ low. So not bad, and for dinner, a chicken thigh steamed, a cup of steamed white rice (i know I should be having brown rice), and for dessert, a 60 calorie snack size Weight Watchers frozen chocolate yogurt smoothie. I think I may have eaten more than the 1,379 calories I calculated, but I left a small cushion of 81 calories, just in case.

Every day I usually leave about 100-200 calories of cushion in the event I am off. So for yesterdays weigh=in, I lost 2.9 pounds, not bad at all. But I must be honest, I did miss breakfast a few times this past week, which is probably not a good idea, as that will only make my metabolism slow down, at least that is what I have read. So this is what I weighed in at.

Weigh-in #23

So that is another good weigh-in, I’m happy. What made me even happier is that yesterday when I grabbed a jacket to take with me, I took my green army colored jacket, I bought when I was in London, about 9 years ago, and still looks good. But I was able to overlap the front, without zipping it up, which is pretty much how it fits back then, although I think it fits looser, so that made me really really happy, yay!!

The New England Patriots just won the game today woohoo, go Patriots. I am post-dating this for yesterday, even though I weighed in on today Sunday, and that is because I got up, just to start getting ready, I told myself I would do it after I showered, but I forgot But I did do it this morning, so yay!!

I need to go and do some other things, til next time.

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