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Weigh-in #25 – #32

I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving, as I probably will not post on Thanksgiving, but I do hope you all have a lovely time. We are going to the in-laws, that will be a nice time, I am sure! It usually always is, and with plenty to eat, I will of course will have to watch how much I eat, I have lost a lot of weight in the course of almost a year, and it makes me very happy, but I don’t plan on back tracking to where I used to be. I found a picture of me, I am not sure of when, and I am literally disgusted with myself but with that said, I have come a long way, and still have a long way to go. Yes I was a big girl, in all sense of the word.

I had stopped posting, not because I was failing, but because, time just go out of my hands, and before I know it, I am 2 months behind in posting an update, so this post will catch me up. I won’t go into detail, but I will share photos of my weigh-ins, which I did keep up ritualistically.

This will be for weigh-ins #25 thru #32, so lets get started!

Weigh-in #25 week ending October 5, 2014
Oct 5 – #25
Oct 12 – #26
Oct 19 – #27
Oct 26 – #28
Nov 2 – 29
Nov 9 – 30
Nov 16 – 31
Nov 23 – 32

Well as you can see I didn’t get a chance to fill this in, but I did want to post this anyway, sorry.

xoxo Emily

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