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Biggest Apologizes! I hit my 100 lb milestone, YAY!!!

Let me start by apologizing. I have gotten so busy, and I didn’t have time to come and post updates, for anyone who cares *rolls eyes* LOL. This is more for me than anything or anyone else. I have been keeping up with my weight loss, as you can see from my title. I have weighed in every Saturday since the last time I posted, and I will be posting my photos from those times, which is a lot if you think about it. But it is for my own record as well. I feel horrible not updating, but I am happy I am keeping up with my diet.


I have had some struggles, some failures, and some triumphs, and today, I finally, even though it is 3 months later than I had planned, I reached my 100 lb milestone, one of two I hope to reach, I WILL reach.

As a celebration, we went out to eat at Wendy’s yay, haven’t had a hamburger in over a year, and believe me, I won’t be having another one for another year. I already know how that would end if I continued eating them. I become a blow fish, if I do. So yeah, I ate it slowly, and enjoyed every bite. So I posted on my facebook, and this is what the post read.

So today marks the day I lost 100 pounds, ‘finally’, it’s crazy, and I feel so blessed that I was able to find the strength to be able to do this the natural way. My eyes opened up after i was hospitalised for another illness not related to my weight, but when they weighed me, I was shocked and at the same time not surprised. It takes a lot to not eat certain things you are so used to eating all your life, I had thought about gastric bypass and the numerous other surgeries, but honestly, i am one who would not be able to afford it, and i refused to put that burden on my wonderful honey William. I knew I had to find the strength and do it, he is one of my biggest supporters, I love him to the moon and back. So since it has been over a year since I had a real burger, I celebrated and had one, the only one I will have until I hit my next goal, which is another 75-80 pounds, yup I am still a chubba wubba, hehe. I won’t go on with this anymore, I’ll write it in my blog, but I am so happy and so proud of myself, I wish my mom was here to see me now. Anyway, I thought I’d share, this great news with those that may be interested Yay go me!

I am pretty happy about it, although I have to say I had planned on hitting my 100 in mid January, but I kept doing the whole yo-yo thing, was very upsetting, discouraging, disappointing, but I did not let it bring me down, and I continued to go forward, and I will do so from now on. I am where I am, and I am so happy to have my biggest supporter William, I love him to the moon and back! As I mentioned, my goal will be to lose another 100 lbs, and I will be at a weight I can live with. So wish me luck!

xoxo Emily

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