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COVID, Riots, Presidential Debate, So much going on.

This whole year has been full of so much uncertainty. I can’t think of the last time the world felt like it was all in a ball of chaos. I know things could be worse, and they were for a bit. I just hope and pray for things to get better. Everyone wants the world to return to normal, whatever normal is for each one of us. However, this does not solve anything.

In my opinion. I don’t see any normalcy coming anytime soon, there may be moments when it feels like it, then something else happens. At this point in time with the way people are so disrespectful of not only each other, but God and the President regardless of anyone’s personal feelings he is still the President like God is God, and NO, I a not trying to put them at the same level, far from that.

People are child trafficking, such a vile thing to do, and I wish I could personally put a bullet in each and everyone’s head that has anything to do with that. Sex trafficking in general, I would be happy to put a bullet in those that deserve it. I’m sorry but justice is just not enough for me.

I know things are going to be in an uproar long after the elections, and speaking of elections, this will be a very long one. I still think though Trump will win. He has my vote. He is the only president standing up the everyone that throws shit at him, instead of hiding in the basement like sleepy Joe!

The debate last night was definitely won by President Trump, regardless of the childish behavior that an old man like Joe Biden exhibited. I would be embarrassed if I were him. Go #Trump2020

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