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OMGoodness! 11 Days Until Christmas!

I cannot believe how fast time has passed, in some ways I am happy because it means things can get better. However, I feel like somethings will stay the same. It has not felt like Christmas I am sorry to say. We did do some decorating. We did not put out lights outside, we just didn’t feel like it. I was okay with that. But we did do a little decorating inside. We did not put up our traditional Christmas tree, we went with a faux pencil tree, and it looks quite cute if I don’t say so myself. 11 days until Christmas, are you looking forward to it?

The big news with me on the social media side of things. I have closed my main YouTube channel, PrettyThingsRock. Yeah, I felt it was getting old, I was not enjoying it as much as I had before, and lord knows I spent way too much money on that. I should rephrase, I wasted a lot of money, but most got donated so I hope it goes to someone that needs it more than I did.

The channel itself is still there, but I have removed the name at least I think it did, I will have to re-check lol. My browsers are not updating pages as they should, why? I have no clue, it pisses me off. I just have my name on the channel, and the only videos are my reviews of products.

I have to say I am not happy with YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, and I may just leave them all. The way they are violating people’s freedom of speech has really made me mad to the point, I no longer want to be on there. I have been on TikTok more, and even they are doing the same thing, does not surprise me as it is a Chinese app I believe.

I have so much to do, and I know I have not kept up with this blog, but hey here I am. I will leave a few links to social media you can find me on if you so choose to.

If I don’t get back here before Christmas, have a Merry Christmas!

Stay safe & healthy

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