Happy New Year 2018

So what is going on with me? I leave this blog for a whole year with nothing added. My diet went down the drain, but I have plans of starting a new one, a much different one. A Keto diet. I am excited to do it, as I have said before, it is not just a diet, it is a way of life, a lifestyle change. My honey, however, is going to join in, because it will just make things hard if it is only me doing it, and he wants to lose a bit of weight he gained since he stopped smoking and drinking, wow huh? Big props to him for doing it on his own!

Apart from the diet things, this blog has literally gone nowhere. And that is because I have another dedicated blog. I wanted to have just a diet blog, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to work out. This domain is soon to expire, and I think I just may let it. I don’t have much on here as far as history with blogging, but what I do have, I would like to integrate into my other blog, so I am going to look into that and hope that I can, as they both have pretty much the same format. I am just going to include any dieting posts on that blog.

I feel horrible I couldn’t keep this up, but with daily life, plus a YouTube channel, I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to 2 blogs. I haven’t 100% changed my mind, but we’ll see. Hmm I want to and I don’t want to, does that make sense. I am having hoarding issues LMAO!

Anyway, I will post again with a final decision.

Til next time.

New Year, New Trials and Tribulations, Let’s GO!

Last year was ok until I hit that bad bump. But it is 2017, Happy New Year, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season, we did. I am excited, and I am back on my diet (way of life) lol. This is my 5th day. Saturday was my second weight in, so I will show both in a moment, but I will tell you, I did gain weight, that is a no brainer after my last post. So here we go (again)~! BUT I also lost weight, so Yay!

I began writing this, last week so I do have an additional weigh-in. I thought about titling my weight status like I did before, but since I won’t be doing one each week, I may just group a few. I really have so much going on, I have to organize my time better. It is so hard, though, I get sidetracked, and that throws me off.

I managed 40 minutes walking on the treadmill today lol, man I miss where I was before, I really screwed up, but I cannot keep kicking myself in the ass over it. I just have to tell myself, I will do better, I know better now.

I noticed I gained a little this last weigh in. I have a cheat day, which I will still keep for sanity reasons lol. But I need to make a habit of not over indulging, or this will defeat the purpose of what I am trying to achieve.

One weigh in left for the month, I will come back with that one, and after that, I will do an update either every 2 weeks or monthly, as I have so many other things I need to do.

Happy New Year, I hope you all succeed in what you would like to accomplish this year! until next time.

Live, Love & Laugh