Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2015

So I have slacked on blogging, definitely one of my New Years resolutions. I have managed to stick to last years New Years resolution which is dieting, and I have made my regular Saturday weigh-ins, I just have not posted. I hope to update soon, before my dieting year ens, which is mid Jan. My New Years resolution will always be part of my life, or should I say, a way of life. I had a wonderful Christmas, with Williams extended family, then Christmas eve with his mom, sister and niece and nephews. Then we spent Christmas morning, and the whole day just us 3 (William, myself and Daisy), it was really really nice.


I am such a lucky person, waited all my life to find true love, and I have in William, bless his heart. So My honey, got me a treadmill, tried it out today, I am going to love using it. I just have to watch out for my little girl, and be sure she don’t accidentally get in or on it, gosh that would be horrible. I think the noise frightens her off, which is good. This coming year, I want to work hard, at toning my body up, and continue losing weight, by next Christmas, I feel I will get at a place I am happy with.

This past year is just a beginning, I have lost a lot of weight, but now its time to firm up what I have. I am not done yet, I still have more weight to lose, I am so thrilled. I wish my mom was around to see me. She would be happy for me, that I was able to find the willpower with in me to lose weight. I miss you Mom.

Oh and before I go, I wanted to share my Christmas manicures.

That is about all for now. I will see you all in 2015, I hope your 2014, was as amazing for you as it was for me. So many wonderful things happened, I look forward to many more wonderful things in 2015. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

Weigh-in #25, Ugh mistakes!

So I initially thought I lost 5lbs, it was a mistake I made, and didn’t realise it, until later in the week, oh boy i hate when I do that, because it really does throw me off, not only mentally, but on MyFitnessPal, if I put in a certain weight, it will carry over, so there is no fixing it, I just have to adjust it in my next submission, well what is done, is done. it turns out, I only lost .09 lbs, lol far from 5 lbs hahah. Anyway, regardless of my mistake, I am back on track, and doing okay. With that said here are this weeks results.

Weigh-in #25

So my nail was fixable, but I had to be very gentle with it, as it had broke, right on the meaty part of the nail bed. That will all heal over time. Ok til next time.