Failures, Realizations, & Try Again!

I am back again, and giving this another whirl. So let me give you a little update since my last post. I realize it has been quite a few months.


After my last post, I went into my 2nd 30 day set of juicing. From my last post you can tell it had been rough, even my fiance noticed I was depressed. So he suggested I have 1 meal a day, I agreed. So, my 2nd 30 day began, I looked forward to the meal. At this point, i was doing fine, until the 2nd week came around. I then, couldn’t help, but snack on something here and there. By the end of the 2nd set of 30 days, I was at more than just one meal/ I didn’t lose as much.

What I did realized though, is that I didn’t lose more than I thought I would in the first month, much less the 2nd month. Basically what I am saying, I went through all that suffering, to have results that didn’t make much of a difference from my normal dieting. I was very disappointed to say the least.

Psychologically, the juicing screwed with my mind, in the sense of being deprived of solid foods. I know I did it willingly, but I wasn’t expecting the psychological trauma. I say trauma, because when those 60 days were done. I couldn’t, just go back to my regular dieting (lifestyle change). Because, it is like someone not having water for days, all they want to do is drink, til they can’t anymore. That is what happened to me.

I ate, just about everything, I had not ate while on my regular diet, I can’t even explain the feeling. I went on like that for about 3-4 months, during that time gaining weight. All the hard work in the previous year, I was knowingly sabotaging, in my mind, I couldn’t control myself. It made me sad, and happy at the same time. I know it is up to me, but until you have been there you don’t know.

I think this is well and good for some people, but not for others, it did not work for me, I think the cleansing was a good thing. And even though I lost a lot of weight the first week, there after it was as low as 2 lbs a week, which was not much in my eyes.

I think I will stick to my regular diet, and walking.

Speaking of walking, I have noticed as of late, I have not been walking as much. Now I can use the excuse that my cay gets behind me near the treadmill, and I have to stop, but I can easily take her to the room for 30-60 minutes without a problem. I need to stick to every aspect of my diet, or I will never reach my goal.

As it is a gained back about half of what I lost. Back to work, never give up! I am not sure if I will post my regular updates like before, if anything, perhaps once a month. So far, I have been back on my diet for 3 weeks, have lost 10.8 lbs, which is awesome, this is pretty much how it goes, I average 2 lbs a week, i weigh in now on Saturdays, but am thinking to changing to Saturdays like I was doing before.

Tonight I had a chat with my boyfriend, and we agreed that I should change it back to Saturdays. SI am going to do that, It just feels weird, nit doing it at the end of the week lol. Ok I have gone on enough, I am closing here.

Final thoughts: If you decide to go on a diet, be sure it is one that you can deal with, physically, physiologically and emotionally!

Until next time.


Day 18 – #60DayJuiceChallenge

So I am well into the whole juicing adventure, I finished my 5 day juicing challenge which is what I initially signed up for. But wanted to take it further as I mentioned in my last post. I am as the title suggest on Day 18, and let me tell you, at this point in my adventure, it is not at all easy. I crave food, but really who wouldn’t? I cook for William (my honey), I had a little taste of some mashed potatoes, and a string, literally a string of chicken. I won’t say that is cheating, but I think I needed it, not trying to make excuses. This is really hard, especially since I am trying to finish my 60 days without quitting, as I am not a quitter.

As of today, well not today, last time I weighed myself I was at 223.6 I believe, which if you follow me is a huge difference, but I am still a ways away from the ideal goal weight I would like to be at, with that comes sacrifice, which is what I am going through now. And yes don’t let anyone tell you, it is a walk in the park, because it isn’t. The more occupied you stay, the easier the days get, but when you are not as busy, and you sit and watch TV or you are at the Mall haha. Damn you will get plenty of reminds of what you are missing. So I do not do those as much, unless I have to lol.

I will weight in Saturday and hopefully return some time that day to do a post, I would like to keep and update of how that is going. My walking has stopped for now. I sometimes do not feel I have the energy to do it, and that is my own fault, as I don’t drink the 5 juices and water I am suppose to daily. My bad, I know. But once my 60 days are up, I will resume walking, i may go ahead and resume next week, in addition to the juicing, but maybe 30 mins per day rather than the hour, I just need to do drink the juices I am suppose to, to keep that energy level up where it belongs.

As for the actual juicing, oh my gosh, that is so time consuming, picking out what you want, and if you don’t have one thing, finding a substitute. I seriously sometimes spend 1 or 2 hours just doing that, sometimes a little more. That does not include washing the juicer parts after. I have to do that each time, so when I do juice, I try to make the juices in the early evening, so that I make my dinner and evening, and breakfast and lunch juices. At least that is what is working out for me. I think that is about all I wanted to talk about today. I will leave photos of juices I made or the ingredients just to give you an idea. If interested you should go and sign up for a free 3 or 10 day plan! Go to

These are only a few photos during my juicing. Was no point in showing you all of them. Btw this is posted late, but back dating lol. I don’t know how I forgot about this, but I did.