Day 18 – #60DayJuiceChallenge

So I am well into the whole juicing adventure, I finished my 5 day juicing challenge which is what I initially signed up for. But wanted to take it further as I mentioned in my last post. I am as the title suggest on Day 18, and let me tell you, at this point in my adventure, it is not at all easy. I crave food, but really who wouldn’t? I cook for William (my honey), I had a little taste of some mashed potatoes, and a string, literally a string of chicken. I won’t say that is cheating, but I think I needed it, not trying to make excuses. This is really hard, especially since I am trying to finish my 60 days without quitting, as I am not a quitter.

As of today, well not today, last time I weighed myself I was at 223.6 I believe, which if you follow me is a huge difference, but I am still a ways away from the ideal goal weight I would like to be at, with that comes sacrifice, which is what I am going through now. And yes don’t let anyone tell you, it is a walk in the park, because it isn’t. The more occupied you stay, the easier the days get, but when you are not as busy, and you sit and watch TV or you are at the Mall haha. Damn you will get plenty of reminds of what you are missing. So I do not do those as much, unless I have to lol.

I will weight in Saturday and hopefully return some time that day to do a post, I would like to keep and update of how that is going. My walking has stopped for now. I sometimes do not feel I have the energy to do it, and that is my own fault, as I don’t drink the 5 juices and water I am suppose to daily. My bad, I know. But once my 60 days are up, I will resume walking, i may go ahead and resume next week, in addition to the juicing, but maybe 30 mins per day rather than the hour, I just need to do drink the juices I am suppose to, to keep that energy level up where it belongs.

As for the actual juicing, oh my gosh, that is so time consuming, picking out what you want, and if you don’t have one thing, finding a substitute. I seriously sometimes spend 1 or 2 hours just doing that, sometimes a little more. That does not include washing the juicer parts after. I have to do that each time, so when I do juice, I try to make the juices in the early evening, so that I make my dinner and evening, and breakfast and lunch juices. At least that is what is working out for me. I think that is about all I wanted to talk about today. I will leave photos of juices I made or the ingredients just to give you an idea. If interested you should go and sign up for a free 3 or 10 day plan! Go to

These are only a few photos during my juicing. Was no point in showing you all of them. Btw this is posted late, but back dating lol. I don’t know how I forgot about this, but I did.

Biggest Apologies! I hit my 100 lb milestone, YAY!!!

Let me start by apologising. I had gotten so busy, and didn’t have time to come and post updates, for anyone who cares *rolls eyes* LOL. This is more for me than anything or anyone else. I have been keeping up with my weight loss, as you can see from my title. I have weighed in every Saturday since the last time I posted, and I will be posting my photos from those times, which is a lot if you think about it. But it is for my own record as well. I feel horrible not updating, but I am happy I am keeping up with my diet.


I have had some struggles, some failures, and some triumphs, and today, I finally, even though it is 3 months later than I had planned, I reached my 100 lb milestone, one of two I hope to reach, I WILL reach.

As a celebration, we went out to eat at Wendy’s yay, haven’t had a hamburger in over a year, and believe me, I won’t be having another one for another year. I already know how that would end if I continued eating them. I become a blow fish, if I do. So yeah, I ate it slowly, and enjoyed every bite. So I posted on my facebook, and this is what the post read.

So today marks the day I lost 100 pounds, ‘finally’, its crazy, and i feel so blessed that i was able to find the strength to be able to do this the natural way. My eyes opened up after i was hospitalised for another illness not related to my weight, but when they weighed me, I was shocked and at the same time not surprised. It takes a lot to not eat certain things you are so used to eating all your life, I had thought about gastric bypass and the numerous other surgeries, but honestly, i am one who would not be able to afford it, and i refused to put that burden on my wonderful honey William. I knew I had to find the strength and do it, he is one of my biggest supporters, i love him to the moon and back. So since it has been over a year since i had a real burger, i celebrated and had one, the only one i will have until i hit my next goal, which is another 75-80 pounds, yup I am still a chubba wubba, hehe. I won’t go on with this anymore, i’ll write it in my blog, but I am so happy and so proud of myself, I wish my mom was here to see me now. Anyway, i thought I’d share, this great news with those that may be interested Yay go me!

I am pretty happy about it, although I have to say i had planned on hitting my 100 in mid January, but i kept doing the whole yo-yo thing, was very upsetting, discouraging, disappointing, but I did not let it bring me down, and I continued to go forward, and I will do so from now on. I am where I am, and I am so happy to have my biggest supporter William, I love him to the moon and back! As I mentioned, my goal will be to lose another 100 lbs, and i will be at a weight I can live with. So wish me luck folks~