Holidays & Weight Management Update

So yeah I have seriously gone MIA, but have returned, have some good and bad news for you.

Bad news: I gained weight lol, I blame myself and the holidays hehe.

Good News: I have discovered serious juicing!

I was doing fine with my eating up until after my birthday, then I slowly progressed to not eating as good end of December I had already discovered juicing with Joe Cross after watching his 2 documentaries. Then found him on Facebook. He offered 5 day pan for free, we jumped on it, as my fiance since he stopped smoking, has gained weight, and he was never unhealthy, but it does cause me concern, so he will be trying the juicing, not as intense as I will.

So after joining his support group, and the challenge which will run for 5 days, I choose to go for 60, which is what he dod, and made it. If he can, I can and I will! I am determined.

Ok so I signed up, we would get periodic emails, I wasn’t getting any, at least I didn’t see them, there was 1, that got lost in old emails *sigh*, it was crucial, as it arrived on Jan 1st, and would show us how to prepare for juicing. Well, I found it 3 days ago, meanwhile since I knew I would be juicing, I ate anything and everything I had not been eating for the last year and a half lol, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t over eat, except for cookies and cupcakes LOL. I enjoyed what I knew was bad, especially after watching his documentaries, and one or two others. So disgusting what they don’t tell you about the stuff we put in our bodies, this definitely opened up my eyes.

Well I continued weighing in, as I always have and will do. I obviously gained weight. I an hoping to drop 50-60 lbs during my juicing, more if possible.

I will be logging my weigh-ins, and possible short posts about how I am feeling, for my own record On Monday I will weigh-in again, even though I will on Saturday, but it is for record keeping and keeping a more accurate record of my weigh-in on Day 1 of my 60 day juicing period.

Here are some links to the documentaries, which are found on Netflix, or you could buy the DVD, we got a free DVD with the juicer we bought. Will show that too later.

Here is a direct link to his website with all the information


Weigh-in #10 *sigh*

Sooo. I weighed in this morning, before heading out to do some grocery shopping! I gained a lb, I know I seem to be yoyoing!! I was a little disappointed, but during the week I told myself I’d probably gain, I didn’t exactly cheat, I wouldn’t say that, I stayed within my calories, on some days I came under my calorie count, it made me happy, it gave me that cushion, for just in case, I guess it wasn’t enough cushion.

Week ending June 21, 2014

I am not pointing fingers at anyone at all! This is all on me, I take full responsibility for gaining anything, BUT lol, Williams mom makes some awesome lasagna I do watch how much I eat, and still try to enjoy a nice meal, but the temptation can be unbearable sometimes, I think I am pretty good with temptation though. There was a few times I wanted to cheat and not tell William, but I tell myself, I am only harming and cheating myself, and no one else. So that stops me, and it’s true too, right??

Well what’s done is done, can’t take it back, just learn from it! So I am back in the 300’s, for now That is it for me now, be sure to check out my other blog at, and have a great summer!