Weigh-in #20 ~ Oh no!!!

What happened?! Nooo I didn’t just yo-yo again!!! Ugh I am so so angry, disappointed, but happy it is not 5lbs. I gained, yes you read right, gained 2.6 lbs. damn damn dammn, what the hell!! Give me a break. I am scared to weigh-in next week now.

Things are not going well at all. I am being disappointed each week, I have gained weight, and it is really upsetting me I do not want to go back to where I was. I need to get it in my head, that for me, my way of eating will have to be a lifetime commitment or I will never achieve my desired results. I have really considered writing into Biggest Loser and try to get on the show, I would be more than willing to put myself to the test for a whole year. But then I think NO I can do this on my own!! I’m getting worried. I need to concentrate more! Really need to not worry about wasting food! Let’s get on with the photo.

Weigh-in #20

Sad huh? Even Daisy is checking my weight LOL It is a disappointment, and I need to see it as another slip up, but it can’t keep happening, I am yo-yo-ing, rather than a continuous weight gain. So you can see I am trying. Anyway that is all for now. Til next time.

Biggest Loser Rachel Did She Lose Too Much?

Today I finally decided to catch up with the finale of the Biggest Loser, and boy was I totally shocked!! I’m all about getting healthy, losing weight and all that jazz. But losing TOO much weight is not right, it’s unhealthy and really what kind of a message is being sent to those kids out there that watch the show? And that do idolise some of these contestants? I was looking at the chatter on twitter, and there was someone that said, Rachel is her idol, I thought OMG seriously, last weeks episode maybe but not today, I’m sorry this is my opinion but she lost way too much weight.

Rachel Biggest Loser Winner

Before she always spoke about being an athlete and all, now she doesn’t look like an athlete, I hate to say this but it’s my honest opinion, she looks anorexic, it’s harsh I know. It’s horrible, but she went overboard, look at the reactions of the coaches.


I think that says it all. It’s just way too extreme. NBC should of known teens will be watching this, thinking it’s okay to lose too much weight. I’m still in shock. She was doing great, I knew she would be the winner, but I didn’t expect to see what I seen. I hope this isn’t going to be a problem for her in the long run. I hope she puts a little weight back on. Like in this photo, she looked healthy.

Healthy Rachel

But I suppose she wanted to lose more. Could she swim and be able to stay competitive at the weight she is at? I don’t think so, she has no muscle on her body. Compare the above photo with this one below.

Unhealthy Rachel

I’m sorry if people are going to hate on my post, but I wanted to just express how I feel. I am on a diet myself, and I am only 5’1, I could probably be okay at 105, but she is taller than I am, not to mention younger, to be at 105 in my opinion is just too excessive. I wish the best for her though.

Even though there are people out there that say posting something like this doesn’t help, well it does, it helps people know its not okay. People will write how they feel, just because some say it doesn’t help anything, well if so many people feel the same way how is it not helping. Are we suppose to shut up and not say anything? It’s my opinion, and I will express it.