Weigh-in #24 – Could of been better

I wasn’t pleased with this weeks weigh-in, but I didn’t gain either. It was a measly 0.9 lbs, I know almost a lb, but not quite there. As I mentioned at least I did not gain. But what had me so ecstatic this week was, I fit into a top that I fit into snuggly into 5 years ago, so over the last 5 years I guess you can say I gained 70 lbs wow right?

Yeah, it is unbelievable, how we can put it on each day. The food these days OH My Gosh, how fatty it is, and don’t get me started on fast food, that is a real killer. I wish more fast food places would start popping open that serve well balanced meals! That would be amazing, but for now it is up to us. I am sure there are some out there, and I wish we had some locally, it would be a treat!

Weigh-in #24

So there is my measly 0.9lbs, lol, but it is way better than gaining. I am so happy how well I have been doing!

In other news I broke a nail today (Sept 29), it is right where the meat is, actually passed it. I’ll have to try to repair that after it has healed some.

OUCCH right??? It’s a bad break, but I want to save it. Will post a picture of the saved nail soon

Well that is it for me.

Weigh-in #20 ~ Oh no!!!

What happened?! Nooo I didn’t just yo-yo again!!! Ugh I am so so angry, disappointed, but happy it is not 5lbs. I gained, yes you read right, gained 2.6 lbs. damn damn dammn, what the hell!! Give me a break. I am scared to weigh-in next week now.

Things are not going well at all. I am being disappointed each week, I have gained weight, and it is really upsetting me I do not want to go back to where I was. I need to get it in my head, that for me, my way of eating will have to be a lifetime commitment or I will never achieve my desired results. I have really considered writing into Biggest Loser and try to get on the show, I would be more than willing to put myself to the test for a whole year. But then I think NO I can do this on my own!! I’m getting worried. I need to concentrate more! Really need to not worry about wasting food! Let’s get on with the photo.

Weigh-in #20

Sad huh? Even Daisy is checking my weight LOL It is a disappointment, and I need to see it as another slip up, but it can’t keep happening, I am yo-yo-ing, rather than a continuous weight gain. So you can see I am trying. Anyway that is all for now. Til next time.