On The Fence About Vaping

Hey so it’s been I’m not sure since last Saturday that I posted. I better check lol. No I am wrong. I did skip last Saturday, but that is because I was very sick. I am much better now. I was so sick I had to be hospitalised. I know how scary right? I caught a nasty virus, not even going to get into that. But I am better now, done with my medication and all that good stuff, I feel I’m at 100% now, I still need to do a follow up, will do that soon, want to make sure I am 100%.

Oh yeah happy Friday the 13th, do you believe in all that superstitious stuff. I do to a point, like I do believe in ghosts, definitely do. I think I have had a few experiences in my life time, that I won’t recount or I will just spook myself LOL.


Had a good day today, somethings could of been better but as of 7.17 pm all is good in this household. Staying off the roads though, never know lol.

So we did decide to try this vaping I have hears a lot of good things about. We both got a starter kit, our first experience wasn’t that great. I believe the liquid may be too strong for both of us. We got 50/50 24mg, we may have to go with less mg. Anyway, for my hunny, we got what is suppose to be equivalent of a Marlboro, and for myself I thought I would get some Banana Cream Pie flavor. I like it, it really does taste like Banana Cream Pie, it is still a bit strong, so after this stuff is gone. We are going to lower the mgs to the next level.

So what do I think? Well I still don’t feel the satisfaction that I do with a regular cigarette. I had some really high hopes about this. As I mentioned in a past post, I went as far as joining a forum, to see what everyone has to say. I will be going back to share my experience but right now so far, it’s not what I expected, but it does taste good, and it is pretty much odorless, no nasty smelling cigarettes or ashes. My hunny since he felt it a bit strong on the throat, as I did, he isn’t really vaping. I am doing it more, he will take some of the one I use at times, but to be honest, I don’t think he will continue with what he has, as it is not enjoyable.

The two kits combined with some ejuice came out to about $100, I have heard of other people paying outrageous prices, wow. Hardcore people hehe. Seriously though, people will like what they like right? I think I took a picture of my kit. I will show you what it looks like, it came in a nice little zippered pouch, which I love. I am vaping as we speak, and I still don’t feel the satisfaction, I wonder if that will change when we lower the mgs? We’ll see, take a look at my kit below.

Pink Vaping Kit

The light pink portion is the battery, and the middle clear hot pink portion is where the ejuice goes in, and then the tip where I smoke it out of. Cute huh? And the pouch of course, and usb, and wall adapter as well, they also send an extra batter and another clearomizer (hot pink portion) I believe that is what it’s called. I don’t vape a lot, but I am trying to vape so I use up all the ejuice, and we can get some other kind. The place we went with was High Deseret Vapes, it came pretty quick, I’m happy with what we got, it’s a good starter kit. This is the kit we got eGo-CE4-Kit, each kit ran $42.99 not including the ejuice, that was separate, but we ordered it together.

When I smoke it for a while my throat gets use to it, but when I stop it is a bit harsh on my throat, and I have to get use to it again. Since I was in the hospital, I didn’t do much vaping. I waited until I felt better, so I guess I have been vaping off and on about a week. We’ll see how things go.

Ok well I think that is it for now. I am tired, I posted a blog on my other personal blog and I am tired now. I just want to watch a film, and chill. Have a great weekend.

Thinking About Vaping

I know you must be wondering what vaping is. Well it’s an alternative to smoking real cigarettes, they are e-cigarettes. They do have nicotine, but no tar, which is what causes cancer. Anyway, I am just beginning to do real research on this, so not sure what I am going to go with. So what does an e-cig look like? Let me show you a picture.


I have to say, I was shocked at how much information there is, and how long they have been around. I had to join a forum to get more info, it’s was impossible to just bounce around from website to website, and not get real feedback, the forum is the place to go. I’m overwhelmed with so much stuff, so many types of e-cigs. So I figured I would bring you along in my journey!

The photo I showed you is just one of many types of e-cigs available. I haven’t purchased one yet, but do plan to. I’m pretty excited, because finally getting the smell of smoke off both myself and my hunny, more so on him as he is a heavier smoker than I am. And I do worry about both our healths. *fingers crossed* that he likes and can enjoy something safe as this, and maybe eventually he will stop, which is our ultimate goal.

I’ll post things about my e-cig adventure as I go along!