New Year, New Trials and Tribulations, Let’s GO!

Last year was ok until I hit that bad bump. But it is 2017, Happy New Year, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season, we did. I am excited, and I am back on my diet (way of life) lol. This is my 5th day. Saturday was my second weight in, so I will show both in a moment, but I will tell you, I did gain weight, that is a no brainer after my last post. So here we go (again)~! BUT I also lost weight, so Yay!

I began writing this, last week so I do have an additional weigh-in. I thought about titling my weight status like I did before, but since I won’t be doing one each week, I may just group a few. I really have so much going on, I have to organize my time better. It is so hard, though, I get sidetracked, and that throws me off.

I managed 40 minutes walking on the treadmill today lol, man I miss where I was before, I really screwed up, but I cannot keep kicking myself in the ass over it. I just have to tell myself, I will do better, I know better now.

I noticed I gained a little this last weigh in. I have a cheat day, which I will still keep for sanity reasons lol. But I need to make a habit of not over indulging, or this will defeat the purpose of what I am trying to achieve.

One weigh in left for the month, I will come back with that one, and after that, I will do an update either every 2 weeks or monthly, as I have so many other things I need to do.

Happy New Year, I hope you all succeed in what you would like to accomplish this year! until next time.

Live, Love & Laugh


Weigh-in #20 ~ Oh no!!!

What happened?! Nooo I didn’t just yo-yo again!!! Ugh I am so so angry, disappointed, but happy it is not 5lbs. I gained, yes you read right, gained 2.6 lbs. damn damn dammn, what the hell!! Give me a break. I am scared to weigh-in next week now.

Things are not going well at all. I am being disappointed each week, I have gained weight, and it is really upsetting me I do not want to go back to where I was. I need to get it in my head, that for me, my way of eating will have to be a lifetime commitment or I will never achieve my desired results. I have really considered writing into Biggest Loser and try to get on the show, I would be more than willing to put myself to the test for a whole year. But then I think NO I can do this on my own!! I’m getting worried. I need to concentrate more! Really need to not worry about wasting food! Let’s get on with the photo.

Weigh-in #20

Sad huh? Even Daisy is checking my weight LOL It is a disappointment, and I need to see it as another slip up, but it can’t keep happening, I am yo-yo-ing, rather than a continuous weight gain. So you can see I am trying. Anyway that is all for now. Til next time.