Weigh-in #14 ~ Keep on trucking lol

I’m not really post dating, I did weigh in yesterday morning, and it’s Sunday today, so I am kind of post dating the date. I usually call it posting about it, over the same weekend, so yay! Even though I put yesterdays date, just for my own records, so I don’t get confused.


I’ve been doing reasonably good, until Friday, when I goofed up. William texted me and asked if I felt like having Subway, and I thought yay great! They have healthy sandwiches. We had Subway a few weeks before, he asked me to email him what I’d like, and I am always a stickler for details and getting all the calorie count. Well I waited until the last minute and I hadn’t done it yet, so I checked my email and copied an old email and sent him it, even though I read it said Teriyaki Chicken and that is yummy and I knew it would be. I glanced at it, and read that it would be 500 something for it. I was WRONG but I didn’t realise this until after I ate it all. Afterward I had remembered I ate half for dinner, and the other half for lunch the following day. I felt like such a friggin’ idiot!


So for my daily calorie count, I was over by almost 500 calories, I thought, oh no!!! I’m going to gain weight, but then on Saturday I weighed myself and didn’t gain, but then again, I just ate that on Friday, so I probably won’t gain until this week, so hopefully I can make up those calories, I really need to get a treadmill! I dread walking out in the humid weather, although it would make me sweat profusely LOL


So here is my weigh in photo, I lost 2.8 lbs, which is good. Wish me luck on the next weigh-in!!


Weigh-in #13


And there we go. You know, even though I did exceed my calories, it was a healthy sandwich, but it was sooooooooo good. My mouth is watering while I think about how good it was haha I guess that is it for now. I don’t seem to be posting on here much, except for my weigh-ins, this isn’t suppose to be just a weight loss blog, it’s my other little corner I can escape to. Anyway, I’m going to go, I may go have some Cantaloupe, that sounds quite refreshing at the moment. Til next time

Weigh-in #11 – Surprise, Surprise

I weighed myself and was happy to see I lost 3.6 lbs, yay. I was super excited. I hate yoyoing, but what am I to do. Just keep going forward. I am still eating the meals from Weight Watchers, Smart Ones, and Healthy Choice, I’m really liking Healthy Choice a lot more, but Weight Watchers has some nice meals too, Smart Ones continue to be a bit boring, but I can’t be too choosy right?

Weigh-in #11

I am now seeing more of a change in my body, which makes me so happy, I’ve come a long way to finally be here. Throughout my entire life, I had tried losing weight, but was never able to achieve what I wanted and I didn’t understand why. I thought hmm maybe I have a thyroid problem, but it’s evident now, that is not the problem. It was obviously my eating habits. I am the kind of person that will put on weight immediately, which sucks big time. My fiancé can eat what he likes and hardly gains weight, if at all.

At times in my life, I tried diet pills, tried those plastic sweat suits, nothing worked, it really came down to what I was eating. Exercise is a big contributor, I need to get to exercising, but I hate being lazy, and that is what I am. Even though I am losing weight, I am not really exercising, which I should. Ugh get it together girl, you can do this. Hehe a little self pep talk there.

I’ve lost 49 lbs so far, and hopefully by the time I reach my goal this year, I will have lost 100 or close to *fingers crossed* I am at the halfway point, and we are in July now, 5 more months to shed another 50 lbs, gosh I hope I can do it, it would be so amazing, but you know, even if I don’t. I am okay with that, because I know I will continue to lose weight regardless. Reaching 49 lbs is a big milestone for me. I’m happy.

I am also happy because today is my and my fiancés 5th year anniversary, so I want to wish him a very Happy Anniversary, you have made my life complete, your are my #1 supporter as I am yours. You are my everything, I love you so much William! You are such a blessing in my life. Thank you for loving me, for being in my life, for making me happy.

And lastly I wish everyone a Happy and safe 4th of July!