Weigh-in #26, I’m back! Slow Progress!

As mentioned in my past 2 posts I believe, I have continued with my dieting,if you follow me on instagram (which I urge you to hehe) I post now and then what I eat, how I am doing. But for those that don’t I am having a bit of a struggle with my weight, I have not gained the 100 lbs back thankfully, but I am yo-yoing. This weigh-in, I lost only 1.4 lbs, I try to average 2 per week. But 2 weeks ago I lost 6 lbs, so yeah kind of makes sense.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I am going to be posting weekly again. I have been so busy, but have weighed in as usual, I think I may make a post to catch up, and just date it before this one, so it falls into line. If that makes sense Right ok so here is my weigh-in for the week of 8/15/2015.

weigh-in #25

Ok with that said, hope you all have a great week, and I will see next weigh in or in the event I get my updated post done, you may see that. Even though I missed posting more than 6 months or more, I will leave off with the weigh-ins numbering from the last one, so this would be #26, even though I did weight in every Saturday morning since my last one. I may edit this post when I do get caught up.

Sixteen Days

A whole sixteen days since I posted a blog. WOW!! That was quick! Is it only me, or does time go by pretty quick? Seems like it does to me. Why is it when we were young, it seemed like time dragged on, and now as an adult, it goes way too fast?  I suppose that is just the way it is.

Time flies

I was watching Daisy today, and she was actually trying to get into the kleenex box she got into and fell asleep in when she was smaller, let me show you the picture when she was just an itty bitty baby, okay it was only a month ago, but still she is too adorable.


And then just today, as I mentioned, she tried getting in it again. I had to snap some pictures, because it was just happening, had to get it.


This was a series of pictures, with a cool song attached, as you can see I used flipagram to put it together, but for something you can’t see it play unless you go to instagram to view it, the link is at the top. So cute, she so big now. I had to pull out the tissues, because I know she wasn’t going to fit with them in there. She’s only 4 months, and still has some growing to do. According to what I read, at 6 months they are full grown. But I think it’ll be 7 months for her, as she was the runt, unless she sprouted to her size for being 4 months.

I’m telling you, this little darling has brought so much fun, and entertainment into both our lives. I love her so much!! She is my baby girl. Anyway, that is it for now. Have a great weekend.