Weigh-in #10 *sigh*

Sooo. I weighed in this morning, before heading out to do some grocery shopping! I gained a lb, I know I seem to be yoyoing!! I was a little disappointed, but during the week I told myself I’d probably gain, I didn’t exactly cheat, I wouldn’t say that, I stayed within my calories, on some days I came under my calorie count, it made me happy, it gave me that cushion, for just in case, I guess it wasn’t enough cushion.

Week ending June 21, 2014

I am not pointing fingers at anyone at all! This is all on me, I take full responsibility for gaining anything, BUT lol, Williams mom makes some awesome lasagna I do watch how much I eat, and still try to enjoy a nice meal, but the temptation can be unbearable sometimes, I think I am pretty good with temptation though. There was a few times I wanted to cheat and not tell William, but I tell myself, I am only harming and cheating myself, and no one else. So that stops me, and it’s true too, right??

Well what’s done is done, can’t take it back, just learn from it! So I am back in the 300’s, for now That is it for me now, be sure to check out my other blog at she-says.com, and have a great summer!

Weigh-in #4

I am not sure how I get behind on posting. I could of swore I was on time, but my last post says I posted on the 9th, and in that post I was late, so that means I didn’t post 10/11th and 17/18 that just does not make sense (I’ll get it sorted). I noticed google had and update, but I don’t think that would affected my posts? Wow I am off today, I was on the wrong browser LOL

Hmm okay so catch up time. I weighed in on May 10, 2014, and I lost lost 0.08 lbs, not a whole lot, but still it it is a loss, although I wish it was more. I felt as if I had lost track of what I am doing. Well not exactly what I am doing, but I mean in reference to keeping track of what I weigh.

I video tape each weigh-in, so I have that to fall back on if my memory screws up hehe. Which is what I just did to be able to sort out what I lost and gained. I decided to put that on my weight loss page, showing how much I lost and what weight I was at, at the time. I think by now. I should be okay with talking about what I weight, instead of waiting until I am like 100 pounds lighter to talk about it. It’s a hard subject for some people. But I personally just need to do it.

I started my weight loss, at 345.1 on January 20, 2014. And right now as of my last weigh-in, I am at 310, it’s about a 36 pound weight loss, but that is only the beginning. I seem to have slowed down on losing weight, but I hope my loss is bigger during the summer. It’ll give me a chance to do a lot of walking. I hope *fingers crossed* I don’t get lazy because I really hate the humidity, and it gets humid out here. That is another reason why I thought about getting a treadmill.