Weigh-in #9 – Officially in the 200’s Yay!

That is right, today’s weigh-in put me into the 200’s, that is an achievement I have not been able to do in a very long time. I’m talking years and years. So it makes me really happy. Now even though I’m in the 200’s I’m only at 299.2 lbs, yeah I can only imagine what some people are saying, hey I’m in the 200’s I made it, so there

Now I just need to keep it up, or should I say, keep it going down lol I lost 1.5 lbs since last week. Sure I was hoping for a bigger number, but right before I stepped on the scale, I told myself I would be happy with just a 1 pound, and I got 1.5 lbs, so I say that is great!

I even took a photo, I may start posting my weigh-in results in photo form as well, hmm something to think about. I do record it though for my own records, so if I forget to post about it, I can go back and check my videos. I won’t bore people with videos, but a photo maybe

Weigh-in #8

There it is! Wooho, go me!

I’m pretty happy about it, I can see myself in a year going into the 100’s that will be a milestone, I’ve wanted to achieve for a long time. Hope you stick around for my journey. Til next time! Take care and have a great weekend and week!

Saturday Smiles ~ Seasons Changing

Today is a fun Saturday Smiles, as it has to do with photography, Massachusetts and seasons changing. We are getting ready for some change of the season again. We can already feel that cool weather setting in. I don’t ask for a ice coffee from Dunkin Donuts anymore, no need for that. Instead I make myself a nice cup of tea, yeah it’s that time. When summer began, I did a little project where I took pictures of these two trees out in front, one in front of out window, the other one directly across the street. I tried going out every day, until the tree was full of leaves, after I finally finished. I went back to look, and it’s so amazing how you can see the tree fill up with leaves. I plan to make a little video, showing the changes. It was really cool. I went out during the same time of the day. Pretty awesome the season changing here in Massachusetts. I need to install Photoshop, then I will make the video, and post it here. For now I’ll show you a photo of the first day and the last day.

Such a huge change in just over 1 months, I began taking photos on April 14th, 2013, and last one was on May 22, 2013, but wow, it was fun doing. I was excited to see the results, and seeing the progression of the leaves growing was really cool. I loved it. I think I may do it again for the Fall, the leaves changing colors would be amazing. That is one of the big things I love about Massachusetts is the changing of the seasons. That and of course my hunny, William

I hope you enjoyed my Saturday Smiles, and I’ll be posting the video as soon as I get it done. Have a great weekend.