Weigh-in #5

I can’t believe I had lost track of my weigh-ins, on the blog that is. But since I do record my actual weight as a reference to go back to, that helped me a lot. So I posted two different weigh-ins today. So I can keep up. This passed weekend, I had a weight gain, I wasn’t happy, it could’ve been worse, thankfully it wasn’t. But I don’t want that to be a habit. It’s very upsetting, and I try not to let it bring me down, and give up. I am NOT giving up. I can’t, I have to realise this is a way of life. I has to be for me.

I gained .09 lbs, which as mentioned, it isn’t a lot. My weight is now at 310 lbs, yes indeed that is a lot of weight, but I am trying here, and I’m happy with my loss so far, I have lost 36 lbs and that is a lot to be proud of. I’ve only been dieting on record for about 4 months, so I think it’s been pretty good. I need to include exercise in my dieting as well.

As mentioned, I considered a treadmill, for those days that are just too humid to want to step out. Although I have to psych myself out, and tell myself that the humidity, will make me sweat more, and therefore help in losing weight. I suppose it’s a mind over matter thing, right? Perhaps I will being to post my weigh-in videos, I will think about it, but I don’t think anymore needs to see that.

This is after all, a log for myself. If someone stumbles on it, good for them, if not, oh well. But it’s my journal on dieting and other things. I took this photo yesterday when I was doing laundry, the walking up and downstairs, believe does me good. I woke up this morning feeling like a truck hit me LOL

One of many places I'll be this summer! #park

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I guess that is all for now, I am up to date on my weigh-ins, yay!

Weigh-in #4

I am not sure how I get behind on posting. I could of swore I was on time, but my last post says I posted on the 9th, and in that post I was late, so that means I didn’t post 10/11th and 17/18 that just does not make sense (I’ll get it sorted). I noticed google had and update, but I don’t think that would affected my posts? Wow I am off today, I was on the wrong browser LOL

Hmm okay so catch up time. I weighed in on May 10, 2014, and I lost lost 0.08 lbs, not a whole lot, but still it it is a loss, although I wish it was more. I felt as if I had lost track of what I am doing. Well not exactly what I am doing, but I mean in reference to keeping track of what I weigh.

I video tape each weigh-in, so I have that to fall back on if my memory screws up hehe. Which is what I just did to be able to sort out what I lost and gained. I decided to put that on my weight loss page, showing how much I lost and what weight I was at, at the time. I think by now. I should be okay with talking about what I weight, instead of waiting until I am like 100 pounds lighter to talk about it. It’s a hard subject for some people. But I personally just need to do it.

I started my weight loss, at 345.1 on January 20, 2014. And right now as of my last weigh-in, I am at 310, it’s about a 36 pound weight loss, but that is only the beginning. I seem to have slowed down on losing weight, but I hope my loss is bigger during the summer. It’ll give me a chance to do a lot of walking. I hope *fingers crossed* I don’t get lazy because I really hate the humidity, and it gets humid out here. That is another reason why I thought about getting a treadmill.