Weigh-in #15 ~ Meh!

So this wasn’t such a bad weigh-in, but I did gain, not a lot though, which I am happy about. I gained .04 lbs, not bad right? No it’s not, but I didn’t want to gain anything at all. I’d rather not lose anything, than gain. But it is only 0.4 lbs, which is a big relief!

I’m starting to eat regular meals not so much Lean Cuisine or Smart Ones, I don’t even like Smart Ones anymore, they just don’t have a large enough variety. Healthy Choice is another I like. But I don’t like having to spend extra money to get me meals. I have to learn to stay under my calories, when I eat every day things, but on that same note. We try to buy things that are low in calories, like Salad Dressing, the kind I use now is only 15 calories for 2 tablespoons, nice right? So I try to look for things, that won’t break the budget

Weigh-in #15

And there you go, not much weight gained, I’m happy about it. I am still on the right path Til next time!

Weigh-in #6

Well here I am, I weighed in this morning, which is I feel is the best time to do it. According to an article I read online. I have to say I was very disappointed with what I see. I thought back to my week, and thought I think I did pretty good, all week I stayed under my 1460 calorie intake, so why did I gain weight? That just didn’t make sense to me.

I said oh well, I have to re-evaluate what I am doing, how I am eating, and cut back even more. It was disappointing, I just couldn’t understand. From what the scale said, I gained about 3 lbs, and that is a lot!!! I was mad, sad, discouraged (for about a second), and just confused. I thought okay, no point in crying over it.

Moving on. About an hour ago, I got curious to see if my weight changed any, and I thought this because I noticed I had to use the bathroom about 9 times today, mostly #1 hehe. So I thought that is a lot of liquid, plus when I weighed myself this morning, I had 2 pjs on, I put another one on with short sleeves because I was cold, I weighed myself and seen the 3 lb gain, then my fiancé suggests I remove one of the pjs, which I did, the top one, and a whole lb came off the scale, isn’t that just weird?

Ok so as mentioned, I weighed myself again today at about 6pm, the scale now read that I only gained 0.07 lbs, so I thought WTH!!!??? I told my fiancé about it, and he was confused as well. So not to make an excuse, but I think it was all that liquid I had in me, plus I had felt so bloated today, and I had been burping throughout the day lol. So the combination of the liquid I had in me and the bloating from probably gas, is why I think the scale went up.

That is my thoughts anyway. Anyone can chime in here at any time. I seem to be yoyoing on the weight. I may even hit a plateau or something. I guess we’ll see what happens next weekend. In the article I read earlier the article discussed when is the best time to weigh in. I choose weekend in the mornings. The article said this.

Whatever weigh-in frequency you choose, keep these tips in mind when stepping on the scale:

  • Weighing yourself first thing in the morning is usually best. Because of variations in food and fluid consumption, we often “gain” different amounts of weight throughout the day.

  • If you’re weighing frequently, remember that daily fluctuations in weight are common. Just because you’re heavier today than yesterday doesn’t mean your weight control program isn’t working. Don’t become a slave to the numbers.

  • Monthly variations in weight are also common in menstruating women.

  • “Plateaus” in weight loss aren’t necessarily bad. If you’re exercising a lot, your weight may remain constant for a time even though you’re still decreasing your body fat content and getting healthier.

  • Finally, cues other than the numbers on the scale are equally important. How do you feel? Are your clothes getting looser or tighter? Do you feel stronger, healthier, leaner? Your own perceptions can be the most valuable tools to help you track your weight control progress.

I thought was pretty cool to read, and agreed with it. I think about those things myself. I noticed things loose, I noticed in certain areas of my body the difference, so why was the scale saying differently, NOW I understand and I do feel better. Believe me I have no intentions of stopping my diet, or should I say my life style.

I have although thought about exercise, I need it. Even if I don’t go out because of humidity, I need to get a treadmill, I’d rather save money and walk, but you don’t know how much I hate the humidity. That sounds like an excuse doesn’t it? It might be. I will have to think about it some more.