Weigh-in #22 -Staying on track!

As you can tell by the title, this last weigh in was a good one as well. Not as great at last weeks 5 lb loss, I still don’t know what I did differently but it was really good to have a huge jump like that. Now let’s talk about this passed weigh-in, I weighed myself, hoping I didn’t gain, but was pretty confident I wouldn’t, below is the image of what my weigh-in was.

Weigh-in #22

It is about 2 lbs I lost which is what I like to lose per week, so this weigh-in is another success story, which makes very happy, considering the couple of bad weigh-ins I had in the past. My hubby tells me that I am going to make my goal, which was to lose 100lbs in a year. I officially started my diet on January 12, 2014, at this point in time, I was not logging into my MyFitnessPal app that helps me keep track of weight, what I eat and calories. Wish I had it back then. But I started all this on my own, so I have to give myself kudos for that.

Anyway, that is where I am at now, so my next weigh-in hopefully will be another success story. What is so exciting, is that now I am fitting into clothing that I couldn’t fit into in years, there is this cute long sleeve pink blouse that my love, William bought me and it didn’t fit, I could NOT bear to part with it, so I held on to it along with a few other clothing items that had not fit. Now that is really exciting when you fit into clothes you couldn’t before.

OK well that is about all for now. Til next time!

Weigh-in #21 – Success again!

I am so so happy. When I got up today, grabbed the scale and made my way to the bathroom to weigh in, I was doing a silent prayer. I weighed myself and my heart sank. I thought I had gained a lot. I walk into the room, my hunny is sitting on the bed waiting, and he asks

How did it go?

I said:

I $#%#$% gained weight!

He is shocked, and says:

But how could you, that is impossible!

He asked me to show him so I did, and the image below is what I showed him.

Weigh-in#  21

So for some reason I jumped ahead and thought I was already in the 270s which I wasn’t I thought I had gained 5lbs but instead I LOST 5.4 lbs, WOOOHOOO I think that may very well have put me back on track to make my 100 lbs mark by January 2015, oh my gosh I am so so so sooooo happy you have no idea. I still believe I need to do meal to meal, instead of eating and just staying under my weekly calorie count, because I don’t think that works, and also, it’s important for ME to eat light for dinner, and not heavy. Especially since we eat late anyway. I know we shouldn’t but it just works out that way. And YOU ARE RIGHT that is probably why I gained before.

I am going to try hard to keep on this track, losing 5.4 lbs in one week is a lot, especially since I am not doing much exercise! Thanks for the support, and a big hug and thank you to my wonderful fiancé William for being my biggest supporter!