Hello (again)
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And Here We Go Again

Hello (again)

Here I am again! The first time I had a blog going on here, and then what happened? I got hacked, and everything was wiped out, my host didn’t even have a backup. I was so so heartbroken. I just let this sit here. Until now. I am ready to start blogging again here. I do have another blog I have been blogging on for over 10 years, you can find that at http://www.she-says.com, you are probably asking.

Why another blog? Right??

I don’t blame you, this isn’t the only blog I have. I have blogs for different reasons. I have a nail polish blog, you can imagine what that is all about. I have a crafting blog, again use your imagination. Then I have a Livejournal, that is just random stuff. And a wordpress.com blog, again another random blog. I don’t know why I keep various blogs, Perhaps I get moody and feel like blogging at a different location. Maybe it’s therapeutic, whatever reason my mind has at the moment. I just go with it. I was going to start a blog about my dreams, but I never did. I couldn’t really come up with a suitable name for a ‘Dream Blog’. I still don’t know if I am going to keep one.

But I do like the idea of keeping just a dream blog. Which would be only updated with dreams I can actually remember. I guess we’ll see how that goes. But then I think, well why don’t I just use this for my dream blog. But Emily.nu doesn’t exactly say ‘my dreams here’ or anything like that. So instead of starting another blog, I may do that. But then you know what I think. What if one day, I don’t want this blog anymore. Where will I move my blog to? So then that is when I think, perhaps putting it in a place like LJ or WordPress.com would be a good idea, they are always there. I mean nothing is forever right? I have something to think about now.

So like it says at the top, here we go again. I need to make regular backups, that was my fault for not backing up my blog. It’s something that should be ritualistic. Right?

xoxo Emily

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