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Thinking About Vaping

I know you must be wondering what vaping is. Well, it’s an alternative to smoking real cigarettes, they are e-cigarettes. They do have nicotine, but no tar, which is what causes cancer. Anyway, I am just beginning to do real research on this, so not sure what I am going to go with. So what does an e-cig look like?

I have to say, I was shocked at how much information there is, and how long they have been around. I had to join a forum to get more info, it’s was impossible to just bounce around from website to website, and not get real feedback, the forum is the place to go. I’m overwhelmed with so much stuff, so many types of e-cigs. So I figured I would bring you along on my journey!

The photo I showed you is just one of many types of e-cigs available. I haven’t purchased one yet, but do plan to. I’m pretty excited because finally getting the smell of smoke off both myself and my honey, more so on him as he is a heavier smoker than I am. And I do worry about our health *fingers crossed* that he likes it and can enjoy something safe as this, and maybe eventually he will stop, which is our ultimate goal.

I’ll post things about my e-cig adventure as I go along!

xoxo Emily

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