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Hobbies ~ I have some!

Over the years I have found things I liked, things I stick with sometimes, sometimes they go on the back burner and stay quiet for a while. Unlike blogging, that just seems to be something I like to do. It’s a therapy type of thing I guess you can say. I type for myself, not so much for others, it makes me feel good talking about things, even if I am the only reader. I know others read it, they just never say they have, statistics say they do. Which is perfectly okay with me, I tend to be shy at times too. But more often than not, I leave a comment, just so the person knows someone is listening, or reading that is.

I took up web design for a while, then thought it’s either I don’t have the passion for it, or I am just not creative enough, so I lost interest. Then with WordPress coming out, it all changed. I use to hard code, just notepad, this was before WordPress came out. I’m happier with WordPress, less for me to do. I enjoy the themes I find, some I buy, some are free. But blogging has been something I have consistently been doing.

Then I took up photography but was never able to go out and take photos as often as I liked, I see things, and want to capture them. I’m not lazy, just not motivated enough. I have a photography website, just to post my photos I think are worthy enough to be there. I haven’t updated that in a while which I want to do, as I was able to find some photos we took, of some beautiful sunsets, they were all the same day, they were magnificent. I really should do that.

I also have a huge fanlisting collection, mostly of topics I like, from actors to programs to bands, to celebrities. I found it a lot of fun to do, that can be found at my lovely collective, they are all there. I have recently closed my cliques, just didn’t have the time for them, but my name listings, and number listings have stayed up, the biggest is the fanlisting, you really should check them out.

I recently took up another two hobbies, I started and am just not really going anywhere right now. I got into doing my own acrylic nails, I’m also wanting to experiment with gel nails, it is a lot of fun. I found a wonderful community on YouTube, which fascinated me, and I just dove into it. I didn’t do it so much for designing, but to learn to apply them, that is what I was most interested in. But in the process, I got into making glitter mixes, and just chatting with other ladies, and watching their videos and whatnot. I also jumped into card making, it looks like so much fun, and I’m sure it is. I haven’t made my first card yet. Again, not sure if I am creative enough. I guess I don’t give myself a chance.

Those two things, kind of stopped after I went into the hospital. I was in there for almost a week, I was lucky I went in when I did, it could have been fatal. I won’t get into that. But just before I went in, there was a situation that happened on FB, that upset me. I was told I was being this or that, which didn’t sit right with me, because everything I ever did, was to help, and well it just disappointed me and brought me down. I know I shouldn’t let people bother me, but sometimes you can’t help it. So it was a combo of things. Hospitalization, and the drama, that I just put things on the back burner.

While some of my hobbies sit waiting for me. Other ones come to the surface, well sort of. My collective is being worked on, edited a lot of pages, still have a lot to do, but working on a new fanlisting for Siamese Cats, which I adopted from another person. The reason I adopted that fanlisting is because I use to have a siamese cat, she was my moms first, and when mom passed (RIP mom), I took her. She is such a beautiful cat, her name was Juliet, I even made a name listing in her honor.

I’m so sad about losing her. I moved to England with intentions of having her flown to me, and then one day my brother tells me she hasn’t come around. But you know, in all honesty, I think he either didn’t let her in to eat or give her attention and left her out to die, or someone took her. I hope someone took her and loved her as much as I did. You have no idea how heartbroken I am over it. I still cry sometimes, because I feel like I abandoned her. I know if I get another siamese she won’t be like my Juliet. I know it’s mean to say what I did about my brother, but at the time we were living in the same house (house my mom lived in), and there were times he would yell at me and tell me to put the cat out. And it would upset me so much but I had no choice, grr makes me so angry, who the hell did he think he was. Now I won’t ever have my Juliet again. I’m sorry this turned into a sob story. I better stop.

So I guess those are my hobbies for now, I don’t know if I’ll take up something new or not, but that is it for now. Hope this wasn’t too boring, I had fun writing it, brought up some sad times. I guess that’s it for now. Until next time.

xoxo Emily

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