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Joke Of The Day

I am not sure if I will do this every day, but when I see a good joke to share, I will then post it, as for my Saturday Smiles, I seem to have a problem with keeping up with those. Guess it’ll all be random from now on then. Here is another joke.

Joke of the day

Harry and Ron walk into a Super Market.
Harry steals 3 chocolate bars and puts them in his pocket. While leaving the store he talks to Ron and says, “Did you see that ? I stole three chocolate bars.
Nobody saw me. So that’s magic and I am a magician,”
Ron said, “Lets go back to the store, I am gonna show you who the real magician is.”
They went back to the supermarket and Ron said to the cashier, “You want to see a magic trick ?”
The cashier said “Yes, Show Me Sir”
Ron : “Hand me a chocolate bar.”
He ate it.
Ron : “Hand me another one.”
He ate that too.
Ron : “Hand me one more.”
He ate the third one too.
Cashier : “But sir where’s the magic ?”
Ron : “Check Harry’s pockets and you will find all three chocolate bars.”

xoxo Emily

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