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Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

Oh my, it’s that time again. Wow how time flies, it was just Summer. Surprisingly I wasn’t looking forward to Winter yet!! I love the snow but wanted a bit more warm weather. I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, and I hope you are spending it with loved ones, enjoy the festivities! I’m thankful for having a loving family, even though we aren’t the closest right now, they are always in my thoughts and my heart. I hope to visit them in the coming year if god permits. As a matter of fact, I spoke with my oldest brother Eric and my dad yesterday, we said our Happy Thanksgiving messages, my dad asked me if I had forgotten him, I said no never, even if we don’t talk, you are always in my mind and heart and I love you.

He recently was diagnosed with cancer, but with the treatment, he is better now, and cancer-free, still weak but doing good, my older brother is there to take care of him, which I am thankful for.

I miss my mother so much, I have always had this emptiness that only she can ever fill. I love you mom and miss you so very much! I’m thankful I have my sister, although she’s in Las Vegas, not very close we stay in touch often, I miss her dearly, she’s going through some hard times, I pray the Lord will bless her. I’m thankful for my online friends, they are fun, supportive and always there to put a smile on your face, what a great way to make friends, and have them all in one place, the internet. I am most thankful for the loving man in my life, William. He has brought me so much happiness, the happiness I never thought I would get to enjoy. He is my everything, my life, my love, my friend, I love you, William.

Today it’s gorgeous outside, unfortunately, since I have a baby kitten that needs to be taken care of, I opted to not go out for Thanksgiving dinner at my soon to be in-laws, I’m sure they understand.

Taking care of this sweet little Daisy is like taking care of a baby. After she eats, she sleeps, and that is when I can do some chores, otherwise, she is constantly wanting to be held. Probably not good, I try to get her to engage in a little playtime, she does a little, but then she gets bored of it. I’m going to get her another toy, the teaser stick, it has a feather on the end. I think she may like that more, and hopefully will play more like that. I fed her and myself at lunch, she is out cold sleeping on the bed. Speaking of sleeping, my nights are not that great. As I mentioned she likes to be held or that is sleep on my chest or shoulder, I try to get her to sleep on my chest, but on her blanket, so when I noticed she’s really in a deep sleepy and warm, I transfer her to her little bed, which is good, she sleeps there, until she uses the litter box, and then back up on the bed and on me. So imagine trying to sleep and you have a kitten on you, its almost impossible. BUT you know what? I am enjoying it because kittens grow faster than human babies, so I am enjoying her being a baby as long as I can.

My birthday is coming up on the 4th of December, and my sweet mother-in-law to be, sent me my birthday gift, as I wasn’t going to Thanksgiving dinner as I mentioned above. So wanted to share what I received. Really cute animal print slippers, and a luxurious blanket, this is so so super soft and ultra-warm, Daisy loves it hehe. I loved the bday card she sent, it’s signed Love ma! William loved that, as she has always signed love Catherine, she is already considering me her daughter-in-law, how sweet! Thanks, Ma, I loved the lovely gifts, you are so sweet! Love you!

Thanks Ma!

And with all that said, it’s time to go. Hope you all have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving, blessings!

xoxo Emily

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