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November Already?!!

Halloween has passed, and now we are in November, although here in Massachusetts, it feels like Winter at times, it is still officially Fall. I feel we didn’t have much of a summer, it wasn’t as hot as it normally is, at least in my experience. Even so, I try to enjoy the weather no matter what it is. Recently I have had problems with my knees, could be my weight, could be something else. I really need to make an appointment with my doctor and check it out. Like right this minute I should be calling, but I am not, bad Emily Lol. Why do I do this to myself, I shouldn’t. I actually stopped typing and checked my phone for the number and it’s not in there, I guess I haven’t got around to adding it, so I am going to pause again and put it in. You never know, right?

In other fantastic news, we got engaged!!! WOO about time right? Well those that know me, know I have never been married so it’s finally my turn, yay!!! We are both super happy, we plan on a long engagement, just want things in life to be right before we take the big step, not so much between us because I feel that’s going pretty darn good. I mean we plan on moving, and such, so we want to get settled, however, that won’t happen until Spring/Summer 2014, really exciting, hope we are able to find what we want. We also want trade in our truck for a nice mid-sized SUV, we are so excited, such a lovely car, oh and other big news, William just got a raise, we are so happy, it was long overdue, I am so glad they see how hard he works, personally it could have been more but can’t complain, it’s a blessing in disguise. Here is a photo of my engagement ring, it’s the most beautiful ring ever, I LOVE IT!!

My Engagement Ring

He asked me on Tuesday, October 22, 2014, at approximately 6:30 pm!! It was the day after his birthday! And believe me, it is not sitting in the box. I am wearing it, except for when I sleep, I put it in the box, and put it back in on the morning. He asked me in his own special unique way, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love that man so much!! He is my life! His mother is happy, which is awesome, I wish my mother was around, so she could enjoy this time in my life with me. I know she is up there watching over me, shedding a few tears of joy, oh how I miss her! She’ll always be with me though, that I know.

What an awesome October it has been, in addition to all that great news, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series 2013 as well, woohoo go Red Sox!! I am so proud of them. Going from being the last team in winnings last year to winning the World Series, you can’t beat that! They rightfully earned it :).

Red Sox World Series 2013

Congrats Boston Red Sox!

xoxo Emily

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