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Simon’s Cat in ‘Scary Legs’

I was browsing this forum I go to often, and I saw this image that one of my friends on there posted as a status, it was so funny but creepy at the same time because I imagine that happening to me. Hopefully never but you will see, I had a good laugh when I saw it and was compelled to save it and share it. Click the banner below and check out their website.

simon's cat

I can’t really share it on Facebook as you can’t really share animated images, nor can you on Twitter, not to my knowledge, but you can on Tumblr so I may go ahead and share there too.

Simon Cat's

Isn’t this the funniest ever? I think the cat was trying to distract him from seeing it crawl around. I just found it so funny! Turns out there is a website dedicated to this cat, which I gave at the top of this post. I think it’s so so silly. I think I’m going to be a regular at this site. That’s all for now.

xoxo Emily

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