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I’m Disappointed In Myself

That title sure grabs a person’s interest. What did I do to disappoint myself? Well as mentioned in my previous post, I started dieting. Trying it on my own counting calories. Until you do this, you begin to realize how many calories really are in the food. It’s shocking. 2 oz of spaghetti noodles has about 200 calories, it also can depend on how it’s prepared, that’s cooked spaghetti, anyway 2 oz is not very much, I had about 6 or 7 oz it came out to a lot, let’s put it like that, and then with the other items I went over my daily calorie intake, and it just bummed me out, because I felt I was doing great. I wouldn’t be surprised if I gained a pound, just from that day alone. Needless to say, I’m trying to make up for it.

So even though it bummed me out, I carry on, because I need to. Yesterday I went over 9 calories, not to bad, but I could have done better. I wanted to snack on some sunflower seeds, and I went over, I miscalculated, I’ll have to start double-checking. William checks somethings for me, but it’s really up to me. Stupid me. Anyway, so today I skipped breakfast, even though it’s probably the best meal to have, too late to do anything about that, what’s done is done. Even though I love spaghetti, this may be a meal I will have to avoid, or look for alternatives, perhaps whole wheat noodles, we’ll see. For a snack, I had an apple and banana about 6 pm as I was already getting hungry, and then a carrot which is only 30 calories about an hour later, so I should be fine until dinner.

Here are pics of some of my meals, I do eat SmartOnes or HealthyChoices when I don’t feel like making my own stuff for lunch. They have so many great choices, and I stock up when they are on sale. Also the butter I put in some foods, and the sugar substitute I use as well. If you have anything better, please leave a comment.

I don’t blame my awesome fiancĂ©, not at all. He’s the cook of the house, and he knows I’m counting calories, he made a very nice meal, and believe me it’s not excused, but I didn’t want to NOT eat it and insult him. Does that make sense? I guilted myself into going over. I could have handled it a completely different way, but I didn’t. So that’s on me, and I take full responsibility. He doesn’t mind eating what I eat, but you see that makes me feel guilty because he does NOT need to lose weight, he seems to have a very fast metabolism *I’m so jealous* so I don’t want him to stop eating what he likes, just because of me.

Besides it helps me with self-control, because the bottom line is self-control, knowing how much to eat, what to eat. I’m learning though, getting there slowly.

I’ll be looking forward to being able to go out and walking, even if it’s just to the laundry room and back, going up and down stairs helps, they have them when going to the laundry room, and here in our home. I was beginning to dread the stairs, but that was because I was gaining weight, so now that I am losing it, going up and down will become easier. I’m going to weigh myself tonight before bed. I try to do that ever 2 weeks, I should really do it every week. Wish me luck!

So what else is going on, I am considering getting hair extensions if you want to know about that head on over to my other blog here, and read up about that. If you have advice for the dieting, or hair extension, please don’t be shy and leave a comment.

Ok, I’m going now, have a great weekend.

xoxo Emily

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