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Weigh-in #2 – Exciting Journey

I’m happy to report that in my weigh-in yesterday, I lost 3.1 pounds in a week since it’s a weekly weigh-in, not sure if I am going to say it like that. Or just how much, we’ll see. So things are going smoothly. Sometimes I feel I’m losing weight slowly, but in retrospect, I think that much weight loss is in a week is pretty good. The weekly weight loss varies though, anywhere from no calories lost to 5, the most I’ve lost in one week was 5 lbs, which is a lot, the least amount I lost was zero, but what makes me happy is I have not gained any weight, yay

I already feel a difference. Especially walking up and down the stairs, it was such a hurdle for me before the weight loss and I can’t tell you how happy it has made me feel. I’m still at 1,600 calories a day. Lately, I haven’t been getting 1,600, I’ve averaged from 1,200 to 1,400 which has helped a lot. Just about everything I eat is low calorie. My cheese is skim milk, and only 25 calories a slice, popcorn I snack on is 39 calories a cup, it can vary depending on the flavor.

My fixed meals during the week for lunch can range from Lean Cuisine to Smart Ones. I have seen more variety with Lean Cuisine, but I still like Smart Ones. I try to make it a habit now to have a salad with my lunch. The meals are not large, so I will feel hungry earlier if I don’t have a salad. Doesn’t these look so yummy Well they were!

So it’s been going pretty good. As soon as the weather is really nice, I want to start walking to the post office, as it’s not too far away and it’s a good place to start, as I plan to get myself a P.O. Box, so that is how it’s going for now. Super happy here!

xoxo Emily

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