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Weigh-in #10 *sigh*

So. I weighed in this morning, before heading out to do some grocery shopping! I gained 1 lb, I know I seem to be yoyoing!! I was a little disappointed, but during the week I told myself I’d probably gain, I didn’t exactly cheat, I wouldn’t say that I stayed within my calories, on some days I came under my calorie count, it made me happy, it gave me that cushion, for just in case, I guess it wasn’t enough cushion.

Week ending June 21, 2014

I am not pointing fingers at anyone at all! This is all on me, I take full responsibility for gaining anything, BUT lol, Williams mom makes some awesome lasagna I do watch how much I eat and still try to enjoy a nice meal, but the temptation can be unbearable sometimes, I think I am pretty good with temptation though. There were a few times I wanted to cheat and not tell William, but I tell myself, I am only harming and cheating myself, and no one else. So that stops me, and it’s true too, right??

Well, what’s done is done, can’t take it back, just learn from it! So I am back in the 300’s, for now, That is it for me now, be sure to check out my other blog at, and have a great summer!

xoxo Emily

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