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Weigh-in #9 – Officially in the 200’s Yay!

That is right, today’s weigh-in put me into the 200’s, that is an achievement I have not been able to do in a very long time. I’m talking for years and years. So it makes me really happy. Now even though I’m in the 200’s I’m only at 299.2 lbs, yeah I can only imagine what some people are saying, hey I’m in the 200’s I made it, so there

Now I just need to keep it up, or should I say, keep it going down lol I lost 1.5 lbs since last week. Sure I was hoping for a bigger number, but right before I stepped on the scale, I told myself I would be happy with just a 1 pound, and I got 1.5 lbs, so I say that is great!

I even took a photo, I may start posting my weigh-in results in photo form as well, hmm something to think about. I do record it though for my own records, so if I forget to post about it, I can go back and check my videos. I won’t bore people with videos, but a photo maybe

Weigh-in #8

There it is! Woohoo, go me!

I’m pretty happy about it, I can see myself in a year going into the 100’s that will be a milestone, I’ve wanted to achieve for a long time. Hope you stick around for my journey. Till next time! Take care and have a great weekend and week!

xoxo Emily

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