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Weigh-in #25, Ugh mistakes!

So I initially thought I lost 5lbs, it was a mistake I made, and didn’t realise it, until later in the week, oh boy I hate when I do that, because it really does throw me off, not only mentally, but on MyFitnessPal, if I put in a certain weight, it will carry over, so there is no fixing it, I just have to adjust it in my next submission, well what is done, is done. it turns out, I only lost .09 lbs, lol far from 5 lbs hahah. Anyway, regardless of my mistake, I am back on track, and doing okay. With that said here are this weeks results.

Weigh-in #25


So my nail was fixable, but I had to be very gentle with it, as it had broke, right on the meaty part of the nail bed. That will all heal over time. Ok till next time.

xoxo Emily

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