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Bad Weather, Renovations, Where Is Spring?

The weather has really been overwhelming. I know in my last post, I posted about a diet, that we just couldn’t start, due to recent events.

Seriously, who has time? Honestly, losing weight was the furthest thing on my mind. Some would say, you have to make time. Well, my answer to that is, you are not me, do what’s good for you, and I will do the same!

Anywho, this all takes a toll. The bathroom that is being renovated, well it is done, it just needs a paint job, and a couple of things here and there before but is 100% done. I have to say, I am happy to kind of have the house back.

Next, on the agenda is tackling my craft room. That is going to be fun. It’s not really just a craft room. It’s a hobby room in which I do crafts, take haul pictures, record youtube videos, have my nail polishes and so forth. A mish-mash of stuff.

I wrote all that in April OH MY GOSH lol. It is now May 6, and we had a beautiful day yesterday, the weather is always amazing. I recently renewed this domain. I really don’t need it, and I am going to try my hardest to get this interconnected with my regular blog because I really do not need two. Not two blogs anyway as it is all part of my life, so I should keep it together. I did do some research, not as much as I should have to see how I can import this blog into my other, and if there are 2 days I blogged well then they would both show up on the same date depending on the time. Let me see how far back this blog goes – WOW August of 2013, and I didn’t do much blogging either. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with this domain, so it has just been a little of this and that, with no real theme. And if there was a theme, it was changed once or twice lol. You can imagine why I wanted this domain, yes, because of the name. As my name is Emily.

Today’s weather is blah, overcast, possibly rain throughout the day, yesterday was amazing though, went shopping to Dollar Tree, found a lot of nice finds. However, my honey’s patience is running low with me and Dollar Tree, I think he can handle 2 Dollar Tree stores, but on the 3rd he is getting aggravated, frustrated and upset. I wish I had my own car, I am so used to having a car and going on my own. I am strongly considering going on a no buy month, I … another unfinished post.

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