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How Fast Did 2019 Arrive?

I would say warp speed. I felt as if it was just Christmas, and now it is almost the end of January, wow! Happy New Year! I hope your holiday was fun and memorable. I had a nice Christmas with my honey and his family, and then here at home with just us and the girls (our cats: Lily & Daisy).

We had some snowfall last week, not a lot but it did make it very cold. Today is warmer so it is melting away. However, it is super windy and it does cause me concern. The last time we had strong winds a tree fell on our deck, and we would hate for that to happen again. Oh please NO!!

I decided to remove the contact form from this website because I continued to get a lot of soliciting emails, and I really don’t want anything to do with them. Most of them were obvious they didn’t even check the content lol. There is an email that a visitor can use to email me, we will see how that goes.

Now about my diet and how has it been going? Well since the last time I posted about it back in October of 2018, when I sadly informed everyone I put the 100 lbs back on. And that was when I posted pictures of the fallen tree. So much went on that year. I am glad we are passed that and on to better things.

I am back on a diet, this time the diet I am on is not counting calories. Even though it worked, I felt very deprived. So I switched to Low Carb diet and it has been working out. Sadly during the Holidays I didn’t over do it, but I did gain a little, but that has come off now and I am back on track yay! My current weight is 311 lbs as of Sunday, January 19, 2019. It should only go down. I am not sure how I will post it. I probably will just write a post, maybe not as long as this one, including my weigh in. I do keep a journal, but with the holidays I got behind, and I have only put in my weigh-in’s which is better than nothing.

That is all for now. Until next time.

xoxo Emily

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