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Busy, No Time For YouTube

I have found that I get too busy, and I neglect my YouTube channel. In all honesty, I find it has become a burden. I no longer enjoy it like I used to, but I keep it because I do product reviews and I like posting them on YouTube. I am considering changing my YouTube name, currently, it is PrettyThingsRock, I feel I have outgrown the ‘Rock’ portion of it. I like the PrettyThings part but I think I am going to change that too. When I do make the change, I am going to delete most of my outdated videos, and just leave more recent review videos up.

I have a problem, well it may not really be a problem but here it is. I have watermarked all my videos with ‘PrettyThingsRock’ and since I plan on leaving some of my videos up the watermark will have to stay as it is embedded into the video. I know I will probably have issues with people thinking I am stealing someone’s content. When in fact it is my content lol.

As mentioned, it may be a problem but not so much. My YouTube channel only has about 7,000 subscribers, and not very many watch my videos. I am fine with it, most of the time – well as of lately I haven’t cared as I don’t rely on that for income. It was supposed to be fun, but a lot of other similar channels have made it not so fun. I won’t even get into that, as I don’t need to. And it is probably all me and not them anyway lol.

I may or may not change my mind about putting more effort into YT, but I have so much other things going on, I don’t have time for it. I am an online reseller so I am focusing on that right now, more than anything. And I want some time to enjoy life with my husband.

Now with all that is going on in the world, I want to appreciate what is around me more. In the past, I was stuck in this room, on this computer all the time editing, and posting my videos, it really has become a burden, as it is no longer fun for me. That may be how I feel now, who knows how I will feel later but for now yeah I am just barely there now.

My last video was a review of some wood dice I love these dice they are so much fun. I will leave that video here.

Am I being silly? About the whole YT thing? Maybe. I suppose with all that is going on in the world that is what has made me feel this way. I am not even sure. I feel like I am mumbling now lol.

I am going to go for now.

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