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As I Sit Here I Ponder Many Things

One is the new keyboard where the space key doesn’t space the way it should, effortlessly. I am hoping the Amazon seller gets my reply with my address, as they offered to send a replacement. I just wish this one would work without having to hit the keyboard so hard. It is annoying.

We are well into January. I am very saddened by what has happened in the world since I last posted. I just cannot believe that I am alive to see what the world is becoming. Judge for yourself. It saddens me. What can we do? At this point in time, I suppose there is a lot that can still happen, and hopefully, things can turn around. I pray to God, that we get through this.

Speaking of God. I had a chat with my oldest brother yesterday, yes talking about God, prophecies, and all that stuff. I won’t go on in detail, as I don’t want to make you, the reader, feel like I am pushing this on you. But it is weighing heavy on my mind. I talked to my husband about it. And we both agreed to watch some movies my brother recommended. I hope that it will help me understand things more.

I am a Catholic by birth, I know that Catholics and Christians are very similar. My brother refers to himself as a Christian, even though we were all baptized as Catholics. Not sure when that switch happened. That is his business. My husband and I are both Catholics. I am glad that he is open-minded to want to watch these with me. I will leave the names below in case someone is interested.

Sunday Morning Rapture – IMDB
New World Order – The End Has Come -IMDB
After The Tribulation Rapture Final Day – YouTube
Left Behind Pt I – IMDB
Left Behind: Tribulation Force Pt II – IMDB
Left Behind: World at War Pt III – IMDB
The Bible – IMDB

It is a lot, I am not sure if I have seen them, some are old from like 2000 but I plan on watching them all. A few can be found on YouTube, and others may be on Netflix, Amazon Video, or other services. The Bible is a mini-tv series so it will be about 7 hours.

So those are my plans. Off-topic I have started dieting, both myself and my husband. We are eating a few things we have had leftover. But have already cut off all bread. We eat a lot of vegetables, meat, of course, fruits. Dieting is not easy I tell you. A few years ago I was able to lose 100 lbs and I gained it all back, that saddens me too. But I remember how good I felt, and I want to feel that again. And not for a short time, but as I stress, dieting is not easy.

I think that is all for now. Stay safe & healthy

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