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Believe It Or Not!

I am getting my very first bible. I never had my own. I know as a kid, we did get to some Sunday schooling but that ended, not sure why. But I had a little pink book with a cross in a little window on the cover. I believe that was old testaments. To be honest I have no idea what happened to that. I sure wish I still had it.

After I moved from my parent’s home (after my mother, RIP, passed) I moved to England purely out of depression, not a great choice. I have things that I regret and that is one of them. Although on that same note the events that followed, lead me to my current husband. So as it is always said. God has a reason for everything. I truly believe that now, deeply in my heart.

About the Bible, I think I wrote about it in my other blog, so I am going to copy and paste most of that part of the post.

It is a New James King Version Classic Verse-by-Verse Center-Column Comfort Print Reference Bible with a beautiful soft leather-look, in brown rather than black and it is thumb tab indexed. I choose this one because of how beautiful it looks outside and in.

Isn’t this beautiful though? I like the verse-by-verse, and how each verse is numbered in red. I saw a video review, it isn’t this exact one, but the layout of the page is the same. You have to see this, it looks so much nicer than these photos. I am purchasing it from the same place the person did in this video. Here is the link to this bible

I thought it was not indexed but it is, it is a 10pt but it looks to be bold which makes it easier to read, even for us old folks that need bifocals.  I am going to love this bible. My husband has a bible he picked up I am not sure where but the font is so small it even stresses his eyes when he reads it. So I am buying us both a bible. He said we can have one bible for both of us, but honestly I wanted my own, and I may or may not make notes in it at some point, and he may not. Besides I think having our own will gives us the opportunity to read when we want, or at the same time when we are reading verses together.

I am pretty excited about it. I have started doing some reading and researching on my brother recommended I go between both of them. I do look forward to getting my Bible.

Yesterday FedEx dropped off a package, and I thought it was rather early to get the Bibles, then realized it was some snacks for the cats lol. My brother had recommended some movies/tv series to watch, and we have watched some. But I also found some controversy with Left Behind it is a 3 series Christian Movie, you can find it on various streaming services. Specifically about the 2 Witnesses. We watched another YouTube video about them, and I was wowed! It made total sense. Here is the video.

And there seems to be a second part, which I am going to see if my husband wants to watch today. You will find that under the same channel AoC Network that this above video is on.

I know some people may think this is a passing phase, but to be quite honest. I hope not, because I really need and want God in my life. I felt that in the past now that look back, I was not in a good place. Not as bad as I was when I was younger, and I know I am being punished for that. But I am so grateful that I opened my heart up to God, and received him with open arms. Am I saved? I hope so, I feel I am.

Although there are so many different meanings to things that are said in the Bible, and as one person said, all the answers are in the Bible, figuring out the symbols which some have done will lead you to the truth. The fact that they have done their work to make it easier for us (me) to understand, and know that it makes sense. I am grateful for that.

Enough of that. We got 2-4 inches of snow yesterday. Again I worry about the fur babies outside, I pray they are somewhere out of the elements and getting food. I have not seen them come around. I usually feed them when I see them. God, please watch over them, and all the animals that are out in the elements. And it goes without saying, the people that may not have a warm home to live in. I pray for them too.

God Bless, stay safe & healthy.

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