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Is Being Busy An Excuse?

It is for me. I have been so busy, I have not had time to read the Bible. With it being Easter yesterday I decided to spend time reading the Bible. Did I mention I have been reading the Bible? I had to go back and glance at my last post, and yes I have talked about it. The Bible I posted is one I like reading from. I love it, it is a beautiful Bible. Since my last post, I have added 4 more Bibles. After research and visiting a few Christian websites, I learned there are various translations so I became curious. One of my favorite websites is the Blue Letter Bible, I go to it on a regular basis, they have a smartphone app as well. There is so much content on that website, that it is the only Christian website you will ever need. However, I like to look around through other Christian websites as well. As so many have a lot to offer.

I hope you all had a Happy Easter. You know what I did with mine. What have I been up to lately? Really, just studying the Bible, I have added a new fanlisting to my collection, it is for the song “Amazing Grace”, are you not surprised? Lol. I adopted it from another person, if you would like to go and see it and perhaps join that would be amazing. You can go here Amazing Grace, please join, it would mean the world to me.

Let me see, I am still an online reseller, on Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari, Depop. I have not ventured out to other similar websites, as it is enough to keep track of these. I have to admit, sales are slow, and yeah it is probably because of the way the economy is now, and I am saddened to say it is only going to get worse. What do I mean by that? Prices have been going up slowly since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, I don’t believe it will slow down either. I pray you are all doing well.

In my email yesterday I received this image as part of the email and I thought it was so beautiful, I had to share it with you. is where I have been buying my Bibles, they have such awesome prices. If you are looking for a Bible, then I would recommend this website.

Today just seems to be a relaxing day for me. I normally should start my day with listing an item, but I have noticed that Mondays just seem to be a day, I do a little catch up with or just have some “me” time. Sunday was my time with God, and Saturday with my husband. I don’t work a normal 9-5 job, and I have the whole day to do what I need to do.

However, my girls, my cats, I will say both have very interesting timing as to when they want to eat. Daisy will want some food (bear in mind, I serve small portions, so that is why she eats more often), at 11 pm, this is after I have said goodnight to my husband, and I continue on to watch a TV show. I tend to stay up an hour, but after that hour, she wants a little more and she is relentless, when she wants food she will bother you until you give in. And I have to or she will jump on my husband and wake him. He needs his rest to have a clear mind for his work. Then after I am asleep, at about 4-4:30 am, Lily meows and I can try to ignore her but her meowing is continuous so in order to allow my husband to sleep, I need to get up and feed her, then of course Daisy comes along and wants some too LOL. All part of her master plan.

Lily likes me to feed her in my hobby room, so I take her in there, and Daisy follows along after she ate, she will settle in her bed, and Lily she is up in and out of the room, and I try to keep her quiet so I sit right here where I am now, and either read the Bible or try to do some kind of catch up or work on a listing preparing it for the next day. Lily usually will find a place to sleep either in this room with me, or in the living room, by this time it is about 6 am, and I make my way to bed, and a few minutes later my husband gets up to get ready for work. I try to fall asleep, and he wakes me before he goes to work with a kiss and an “I love you” and I tell him I love you too, and drive safely.

That is probably my routine, so I don’t get up at 7 or 8, am usually it is after 9 am because I am tired and didn’t get much sleep. Even though I would love to get up at 8 am, but if I did I would not last all day. Lol. I need my beauty sleep.

That is my girls, Daisy the Siamese, and Lily the Tortie! I love them so much.

Well, that is all for now. I have not decided whether I am keeping this domain or not, because I always turn out cross-posting my other main blog @, so I may turn out selling this domain, but I won’t stop posting, I will just have it redirect to my other blog. I also have a blog for posting about all things God, Bibles, and just whatever I have in my heart and mind I want to share with the world, feel free to visit it as well at A Little Faith.

God Bless

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