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Oh My Goodness 6 months later? Wow!

First off, I have no excuse, why have this website if I am not going to blog. So I need to really work on that, it has been an issue of mine for a while. I apologize to anyone that may stumble on to my blog here if any lol. I am pretty someone has come along, and they don’t leave a comment. That is okay because this is more for myself, as therapy, it helps me. I don’t go as far as getting detailed about every aspect of my life, it is not necessary. Now that I got all that said, we can move on.

In July, I was very sick, no I did not have COVID, but it took me about a month to get over. God is good, and he healed me, and now I am feeling so much better. My husband wanted me to go to the ER, I told him, they more than likely would not keep me or give me anything besides what I was already taking. And with COVID, no way it was better I didn’t go, and I didn’t. The next day after we talked about that, I began to feel better. I just had to ride it out, as miserable as I was, and as much as he was annoyed with my being sick, yes sadly he was annoyed but concerned at the same time. I say this because I could do nothing while I was sick, no real cleaning, feeding my cats I had to force myself to do because I had to. I couldn’t even come on my computer for more than 20 mins, I would get nauseated and yeah it wasn’t pretty. Thanks to the good Lord above, he healed me and I am back on track.

So why am I just now getting to this, well a lot of catch-ups, some things are just priority over a silly little blog, but I am here now, and writing a blog. Filling in a bit from here and there. So my whole July was a bust, August I spent catching up, September I was still doing my regular routine with posting things to sell on Poshmark, Mercari, and Ebay, so it all keeps me busy. And here we are now in October. So now I just carry on with what I usually do.

As for what has been happening around the world, it is seriously saddening, disturbing, and almost impossible to believe that it is actually happening. From what happened with the Election to Afghanistan to the 13 soldiers killed (RIP), to the vaccine mandate. I just can’t believe they are firing the very same people that the government called hero’s when COVID first came out, over a vaccine mandate, they were there, putting themselves and their families at risk, and this is how they are thanked. The same goes for all the soldiers, and police. It sickens me to see that the world is turning into a live nightmare that has no end in sight. It breaks my heart, but not my spirit, we will not conform, we will not give in.

If you choose to take the vaccine, then it is your choice, but I have the right to decide for myself if I want to or not. And not be forced, or threatened to take it. It is not right. I stand behind that 100%. I am not sorry either. Ok, I got that off my chest, it had to be said.

The Biden administration is the worse ever to have existed, and we all know he is not pulling the strings, he is the fall guy, a pathetic one at that. I have no respect for Joe Biden, I won’t even call him my president. I have no problem expressing how I feel about that administration here on my blog. If you are with me, fine, if not fine too. You are entitled to think how you want, say what you want. Unlike some social platforms, and we all know who they are. I am on a good rant. I don’t care what others think, I care about what I think, feel, and believe in my heart is right. God almighty knows my heart. God bless America.

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