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Happy Birthday, Jesus

Happy birthday Jesus! Thank you for all that you have given me in my life. Merry Christmas everyone, I am so sorry I am late coming here to write a post, but here I am.

We were going to spend our Christmas eve with my sister-in-law and her family, and then someone at my husband’s work turned out getting COVID from his son and didn’t notify the company until later. So now everyone is upset because it has changed their plan for Christmas.

Now people can get angry, but in all honesty, this could be a blessing in disguise. The way I see it now is, our plans were altered for a reason. Only the good Lord knows why they were changed, anything could have happened, from an accident to gosh death, God forbid.

We had a very nice quiet Christmas at home with our 2 cats. When I think about cats, I think about the 2 outside cats that I think maybe strays, but also could be outside cats because they look very healthy. My heart still goes out to them because I don’t like to see them out in the cold. And at this time we don’t have a lot of room for 2 more cats, I think we do, but my husband thinks differently. I think the way I do because I love these sweet beautiful animals that God has blessed us with. A lot of people don’t see it like that, and that is really sad.

The issue with bringing in 2 more cats is that my girls may or may not get along with them, and we don’t have an extra room to quarantine them while they visit the vet to give them a check-up and be sure they don’t have anything they can transfer to my girls. I still feed them, lately though I have not seen Lilo, which breaks my heart, he looks like my Lily girl does, she is a tortie. And the other cat is this beautiful long-haired what looks to be a ginger, such a beautiful face. I am pretty sure they are both boys, that is another issue, I worry about them spraying as I have seen them spray outside.

I said to my husband, if and when we move. I cannot leave them. The reason being is that they are used to being fed by us, and I feel that would be like abandoning them. I just can’t do that. I feel responsible for them. I pray that we are able to find a nice large house with maybe a garage or small barn or something like that. We are not actively looking but my husband does look now and then.

This always happens when I talk about cats lol.

My husband went today to take a COVID test, so we should hear back in 2 days, hopefully, he is cleared and does not have or I will turn out to have it too. But we both are feeling fine, so I am pretty confident that his test will be negative. Our Christmas plans were moved to New Year’s Eve, so we can still spend some time with his sister and her kids, he has missed his family.

I miss mine too, but they are all in California. I am just glad we have each other. For those that are going to similar situations, I pray that they are healthy and that the good Lord watches over everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and please never forget the true meaning of Christmas.

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