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    Thoughts On Vaping

    I have been vaping off and on for maybe over a month, close to two months. At first, my experience wasn’t that great. I come to realize, that smoking and vaping are different in the sense that, it is not going to be at all like smoking a cigarette. You see smoke sure, but the taste is different, very different. My honey didn’t like what they call the throat hit, how it feels on the throat, it actually made him cough, and that put him off. Same happened to me, but I was determined to keep trying. I wanted this more for him than for myself. I quit before. I…

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    On The Fence About Vaping

    Hey so it’s been I’m not sure since last Saturday that I posted. I better check lol. No, I am wrong. I did skip last Saturday, but that is because I was very sick. I am much better now. I was so sick I had to be hospitalized. I know how scary right? I caught a nasty virus, not even going to get into that. But I am better now, done with my medication and all that good stuff, I feel I’m at 100% now, I still need to do a follow-up, will do that soon, want to make sure I am 100%. Oh yeah happy Friday the 13th, do…

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    E-Cigarette Inforgraphic

    Just came across this, and all the information on it, and thought to share it. It’s a long image, so I guess I don’t have to write much, as it’s self-explanatory. I would love to print this and post it up on my wall, although it wouldn’t really go with my stuff in this room, mostly nail and crafty stuff lol. I’d post it in my honey’s man cave if he had one :P. Check out the forum post here. xoxo Emily

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    Thinking About Vaping

    I know you must be wondering what vaping is. Well, it’s an alternative to smoking real cigarettes, they are e-cigarettes. They do have nicotine, but no tar, which is what causes cancer. Anyway, I am just beginning to do real research on this, so not sure what I am going to go with. So what does an e-cig look like? I have to say, I was shocked at how much information there is, and how long they have been around. I had to join a forum to get more info, it’s was impossible to just bounce around from website to website, and not get real feedback, the forum is the…